• Direct Client: Need Sr.SAP Basis Upgrade

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    Hi Partners,
    Good morning, hope you all are doing well.
    Please find below VERY HOT REQUIREMENT and send me suitable consultant
    profiles ASAP.

    Job Title: Sr.SAP Basis Upgrade
    Job Location: Canoga Park, CA
    Duration: 6 months

    Required Skills: Should have at least 8+ years of SAP Basis
    At least 2 upgrade projects More than 2 unicode conversions.
    Experience with Migration And Performance Tuning..

    Thank you for your valuable time.

    Thanks & best regards,

    Talent Engagement Group
    Allied Deployment Services
    340 S Lemon Ave. # 5386
    Walnut, CA - 91789
    Phone: 415-418-7693 Ext:408
    Fax : 270-517-3892
    Mail ID: mike@allied-ds.com | www.allied-ds.com

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