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    From: jvwDESPAM@DESPAMdfsee.com

    DFSee version 15.6 has been released.

    MINOR release, meaning you get it for FREE if you have a 15.x key already.

    It has more robust download scripts for updating the DFSee program and
    for getting the DFSPUPPY/DFSPUP64 imagefiles, that also allow selecting
    an alternative download directory/drive.

    The ABOUT info now also recognizes OS/2 systems with the OS/4 kernel,
    and the IMAGE dialog automatiscally selects between single and multi
    file images for Linux (based on the filesystem and mount-points).

    For details, see below.

    Note: Version 14.8 (or later) users can update directly using the menu:

    Program Updates / Downloads ->
    Get latest STABLE update

    (Works with the OS/2, Windows, Linux and macOS versions, if WGET is there)

    DFSee is a very powerful disk-utility with disk partitioning, smart imaging
    or cloning of partitions or complete disks, HEX/binary disk or file editing, filesystem and disk analysis, directory/file browsing with edit/view/copy capabilities and much more ...

    More details at:

    Download links from the DFSee website:



    Or from the HOBBES website:
    or (after processing):

    Functional changes since 15.5

    - ABOUT: TxOsVersion: Recognize OS/4 kernel used on OS/2 (OS/2)
    - CONFIRM: Avoid inconsistent abort behaviour on Escape key used
    - DFSGETPY script, test/prompt for writable DL directory; no COPY
    - DFSGETUP script, test/prompt for a writable download directory
    - FILEDLG: Callback signals possible target PATH change (UNIX)
    - HELP: Updated menu help for PUPPY download and program updates
    - IMAGE DLG: Default single/multi file based on target-FS (LINUX)
    - MEDIA/DISKLIST: Fix AHCI detection on config.sys syntax variant
    - SCRIPT: Function 'dirwritable(path)' tests for a writable DIR

    Regards, JvW

    DFSee Home: http://www.dfsee.com; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee - mailto://info@dfsee.com

    For a choice in the future of personal computing, Join VOICE - http://www.os2voice.org

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