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    As president of OS/2 VOICE had noted on my calender to send out a message to the OS/2 community asking if people wanted to join the OS/2 VOICE board. The following two positions are currently open:

    1. Vice President of OS/2 VOICE
    2. Secretary for OS/2 VOICE

    I should have send out this reminder before the 1st of August, but I forgot: http://www.os2voice.org/about.html
    This is required by our bylaws.

    For people who are interested in joining the OS/2 VOICE board please send a brief description describing why you want to join the OS/2 VOICE board. Also describe briefly what your experience is with OS/2.

    Please send an email before the 25th of September 2018 to mailto://nominate@os2voice.org. the deadline is 25th of September midnight Dutch time. Mention of course for which position you are applying.

    Best regards,

    Roderick Klein
    President OS/2 VOICE

    For a choice in the future of personal computing, Join VOICE - http://www.os2voice.org

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