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    How often is Warpstock and promotion for ArcaOS and BWW targetted at the current OS/2 users. Let me clarify what I mean by this.

    Most of the people working on OS/2 is small group doing the large chunk of the work! And they have little time to promote OS/2 outside the OS/2 community. Most postings end up in the known forums and mailing list but most news does not get further then our known forums such as OS2WORLD.COM and http://os2.org.

    When ArcaOS was released a single article on published on the IT website techrepublic and a lot of other IT websites mentioned ArcaOS in a lot of counties. The idea OS/2 voice is to setup a press mailing list. Mayor OS/2 events such as Warpstock and the release of a new ArcaOS version for example would be send an as announcement to mayor
    IT websites and computer magazine. I already have the nice websites such as http://osnews.com, Heise, Techrepublic. So how can you help ?

    Do you have a computer magazine in your country please check if it has a generic email address to send news releases to.
    Please note that we will only subscribe generic email address marked for press releases on website or IT magazines.

    If you have an email address please send it to me.


    Roderick Klein
    President OS/2 VOICE

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