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    From: jvwDESPAM@DESPAMdfsee.com

    Hi all,

    I have added quite a few bits and pieces of information to the DFSee 'about' dialog, to identify the platform better in problem solving scenarios.

    Added new information per OS:

    Windows: Show better version/release info, including 8.1 and 10 (with 'update edition' names) Show user and machine names

    OS/2: Show 'distribution' info when found (ArcaOS, eComstation, plain IBM), show internal kernel version

    macOS: Show both DARWIN kernel as macOS version, including marketing name Show
    logged on (sudo) user plus hostname and 32/64 bit executable usage

    Linux: Show distribution name and info, when found (like in /etc/os-release or
    Show logged on (sudo) user plus hostname

    Please verify the information shown in the latest ABOUT dialog for your operating system(s)
    and let me know if something wrong, or missing.

    For any operating system not mentioned below, please reply to this message with
    the about information.
    The easiest way is to include or attach a small logfile, like the 'about.log' that you can get with:

    dfs -Q -w- -d- -l:about about

    Where 'dfs' is the executable (dfsos2.exe, dfswin.exe or dfsee, depending on platform/OS)
    as installed from the latest version 15.1 EXPERIMENTAL release from:


    An example from my ArcaOS development system shows:

    DFSee version 15.1 2018-05-27 (c) 1994-2018: Jan van Wijk
    =========================[ http://www.dfsee.com ]==========================

    DFSee invocation : H:\C\DFS\_DFSEE_\DFSOS2D.EXE -l- -expert -Q -w- -d- -l:about
    Working directory : H:\c\dfs

    DFSee OS/2 15.1 : Executing: about
    Command timestamp : Monday 2018-05-28 17:04:30

    Fsys Software - https://www.dfsee.com

    DFSee OS/2 : 15.1 2018-05-27 (c) 1994-2018: Jan van Wijk
    UI TxWindows : 5.11 2018-05-26 (c) 1995-2018: Fsys Software
    OS version : OS/2 4.50 in ArcaOS 5.0.0 EN
    OS/2 Kernel : Internal revision: 14.200_SMP on drive D:

    Operating system version already tested (by me):

    - macOS 10.13.4 High Sierra (64 bit version)
    - macOS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard (32-bit version)
    - Windows-10 1709, Fall Creators update
    - Windows-7 PRO, 32-bit
    - Windows-XP, servicepack 1 and servicepack 3
    - Linux Ubuntu 14.04
    - Linux Suse Leap 42.1
    - OS/2 ArcaOS 5.0
    - OS/2 eComStation 2.2beta
    - OS/2 eComStation 2.0

    For the macOS users (if any :) I would be interested to know if it works well on
    your version of macOS, it should install the 64-bit DFSee version on Sierra
    and later (>= 10.12.0) and the 32-bit version before that. It should also correctly
    recognize 256-color capability on 10.7 (Lion) and later versions of Terminal.

    And, to make starting it easier after install, there is now a 'DFSee.app' that you can add to your desktop or even better the Dock ...

    Thanks in advance!

    Regards, JvW

    DFSee Home: http://www.dfsee.com; Jan van Wijk; Author of DFSee - mailto://info@dfsee.com

    For a choice in the future of personal computing, Join VOICE - http://www.os2voice.org

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