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    Habanero. Much hotter.
    Habaneros: "They certainly don't *look* dangerous."
    Habit is often mistaken for loyalty.
    Habit is the nursery of errors. - Victor Hugo
    Hab-Lovers of Canada. I'm not only a fan, I'm the President.
    Habs. Doan Touch! Too hut! - Neekha
    Hackers do it with all sorts of characters.
    Haggis - Gaelic for Spam.
    Haggis is defined, of course, as dining on a full stomach.
    Haggis pizza? The mind reels. Not to mention the stomach.
    Haggis: when scrapple is not disgusting enough.
    Half a loaf is better than no bread.
    Half The People In The World Are Below Average.
    Half the people you know are below average.
    Halftime at Circus Maximus, and the Lions lead the Christians 67 to 0. Hallucinations?? What hallucinations?!
    HAL, those steaks you defrosted were three scientists!
    Hamburger a la mode. It must be classy... it's French.
    Hamburger is just a steak that didn't pass the physical.
    Hamlet: a small pig.
    Hammers and Hard Drives DON'T MIX!!!
    HAMMY + BITCOM + EDLIN = A better smoke than DSZ.
    Hand me that dolphin burger. Yeah, the one in styrofoam.
    Hand over the twinkie and nobody gets hurt.
    Handy French phrase: Je suis riche et genereux.
    Hanging one scoundrel, it appears, does not deter the next.
    Happiest of Holidays, from The White House.Happy Holidays - Keep the Taglines coming.
    Happiness can be the purpose of ethics, but not the standard.
    Happiness can't buy money.
    Happiness is a Moderator who thinks like you do.
    Happiness is a moderator with a good sense of humor.
    Happiness is a warm modem.
    Happiness is a well-tempered Moderator.
    Happiness is having a friend like Sandy! ;*)
    Happiness is knowing what's not important.
    Happiness isn't something you experience. It's something you remember. Happiness isn't the absence of conflict but the ability to cope with it. Happiness lies in your own backyard bit it's hidden by the crabgrass.
    Happiness seems so hard to win.
    Happy as a Pig in Mud!
    Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night! - Clement C. Moore
    Happy, happy. Joy, joy.
    ~%~%~%~%~%~%~%~ HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ~%~%~%~%~%~%~%~
    H * A * P * P * Y H * O * L * I * D * A * Y * S
    Happy Holidays and a Wonderful 1998 to you and yours!
    Happy Holidays, eh! (and NO socks this year, hosehead!)
    Happy Holidays, eh! (and NO socks this year, hosehead!) --Canadian Xmas. %------.-----.--*EE.[ Happy Holidays To All [.EE*--.-----.------%
    "Happy New Year!" - by Mary Christmas
    Happy thoughts of good times past make memories that last and last.
    "Hard DISK? Damn, I misread the advertisement." - Old Maid
    Hard DISK? Gee lady, I misunderstood you.
    Hard disks never die... they just grind away.
    HARD DRIVE: from Cleveland to Chicago
    Hardware = The part you kick!!
    Hardware: The part you kick. Software: this you corrupt!
    Hard work is made up of a series of small tasks you have neglected.
    Hard work is the yeast that raises the dough.
    Hard work never hurt anyone - but why risk it?
    Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance??
    Hard work never killed anybody. Has anybody ever rested to death?
    Hard work never killed anyone, so why chance it?
    Hard work pays off in the future... Laziness pays off NOW!
    Hark, the Herald Tribune sings / Advertising wondrous things.
    Hark! What mail from yonder modem breaks?
    Harley Davidson Motorcycles - A triumph of marketing over reason.
    Has anyone here found my marbles?
    Has any voter ever chosen a candidate because of a yard sign?
    "hate to bother ya' ma'am...but there's a tagline thief in the area"
    Hate your life? Don't worry, it will eventually go away by itself.
    "Hauskaa joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta!" - Finnish Christmas
    Have a back-up plan, because the first one probably won't work.
    Have a day - manic depressive.
    Have any countries offered us disaster relief?
    Have a Velveeta on White with a Bud Lite!
    Have keyboard... will babble.
    Have no fear - I never attack lesser beings.
    Haven't I seen you on a milk carton?
    Haven't you got any pleasant facts I can face?
    Have those of you who oppose logging ever tried plastic toilet paper?
    Have we all become dead zombies?
    Have we really become this shrill and simpleminded?
    Have you clubbed an ignorant @FN@ today? ;*)
    Have you clubbed an ignorant human today?
    Have you crashed your Windows today?
    Have you drug tested YOUR legislators today?
    Have youe ever left a bingo game in handcuffs?
    Have YOU ever heard a duck fart underwater?
    Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?
    Have you ever jacked up your home to look for a dog?
    Have you ever noticed that all people laugh and cry in the same language.
    Have you ever wanted to go home and kick the kids???
    Have you ever wondered how to throw away a garbage can?
    Have you got all the stuffing up one end?
    Have you looked on the inter-web?
    Have you noticed how many drivers get real mad if they miss you?
    Have your service call my service; our services will do lunch.
    Have you seen my mind? It was wandering again.
    Have you sucked a crawfish head lately?
    Having a war? You too can hire the US Military!
    Having lawyers make laws is like having doctors make diseases.
    Having problems with DOS?? Call 1-900-WHAAAAA.
    Having the right to do it doesn't always mean that doing it is right.
    Having your children curse you out in public is not normal.
    Hawaii is as American as apple poi.
    Hawaii: where men make passes at girls who wear grasses.
    Hazards can be healthy to your drinking.
    Headcheese: all the other stuff too vile for hotdogs.
    Headcheese: when scrapple is not disgusting enough.
    Headline: Milk drinkers are turning to powder.
    Heads, up Boise! Incoming spuds!
    He agreed with the sign, "Fine for parking."
    Health is wealth, and it's tax free.
    Health: the slowest possible rate of dying.
    Health Tip: Red meat is good. Blue Fuzzy meat is BAD.
    Hear about the dog that went to a flea circus & stole the show?
    Heart Attacks...God's revenge for eating His animal friends.
    Heart, lungs & liver of a sheep boiled in its own stomach... excuse me!
    He ate anchovies, poi AND vegemite.... and died.
    Heatless habaneros. That'll benefit society as much as seedless corn.
    Heaven won't have me. Hell thinks I'll take over.
    He believes that making rich people richer creates jobs.
    He blows his horn loudest who is lost in the fog.
    He brings a lot of joy whenever he leaves the forum.
    He brings a lot of joy whenever he leaves the room.
    He can get into a stew faster than an oyster.
    He can't count past 20 without undressing.
    Heck, even Jello can be violent in the wrong hands.
    Heck that's more fun than exploding a potato in the microwave. -Calvin
    He come from a land down-under, Where beer does flow and men chunder.
    He doesn't have ulcers, but he's a carrier.
    He does the work of 3 Men... Moe, Larry & Curly.
    He does the work of 3 Men...Moe, Larry & Curly.
    He does the work of 3 Men ... Moe, Larry & Shemp
    He does the work of three men: Moe, Larry, and Shemp
    He found him in Mombasa, in a bar room, drinking gin.
    He gets all his exercise by jumping to conclusions.
    He got slapped when he tried to Caesar Salad.
    He had but one eye and the popular prejudice runs in favour of two.
    He has a train of thought. You have a tricycle...
    He hasn't a single redeeming vice. Oscar Wilde
    He has reached rock bottom and has now started to dig.
    He has the IQ of a small canned ham.
    He hates foreigners but loves his Mercedes.
    Heh heh. Locked my coathanger in the car. Good thing I had a key.
    Heineken beer is like having sex in a canoe: f****** close to water Heinleineken - The Strange Beer in a Strange Can.
    He is a misunderstood child of his nation's unfortunate culture.
    He is a threat to society and civilization as we know it.
    He is a well known composer few people have ever heard of.
    He is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.
    Heisenberg may have slept here.
    He is flawed, even for a human being.
    He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.
    He is only the third generation of his family to walk erect.
    He is really not much of a has-been, but more of a definite won't be.
    He is so old that his blood type was discontinued.
    He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich.
    He leaped up & took off in all directions.
    He lets his dog baby-sit the kids.
    Helicopters can't really fly, they are so ugly the earth repels them.
    He likes the Big Ass steaks!
    Hell hath no elbows like a woman shopping for a bargain.
    Hell hath no fury like a bureaucrat scorned.
    Hell hath no fury like the lawyer of a woman scorned.
    Hell hath no fury like vested interest masquerading as moral principle.
    Hell hath no pizza (and probably no good Thai restaurants either.)
    Hell, if you understood everything I said, you'd be me!
    Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
    Hell is full - you'll have to serve your time in tech support.
    Hell is kept warm with profane burners.
    HELL: Maintaining Santa Claus's database.
    "Hello Darkness, my old friend..." - Simon & Garfunkle
    Hello From Canada! Waddya mean, Where's that?
    Hello, I'll be your evil influence for the evening.
    Hello little girl, want some candy?
    Hello, Microsoft? Are there any problems with DOS?
    Hello, this is Ed McMahon. If you are our preselected...
    Hell's Accountants... "Let's go gang audit somebody!"
    Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something.
    Hell, yes. I want MY own country... it's the fad, non?
    Help fight continental drift.
    Help! I can send email, but I can't receive it! What do I do?
    Help! I'm a prisoner in a tagline factory!
    Help! I'm in desperate need of some overwhelming pleasure.
    Help! I seem to have lost my ANY key!
    Help, I've fallen and I can't....Hey, nice carpet!
    Help legalize placebos.
    Help me quick! Someone must have turned reality back on.
    Help! My morals have fallen and I... Ohhh... Nevermind!
    Help preserve wildlife. Pickle a squirrel today!
    Help stamp out mental illness, or I'll kill you.
    Help you out? Certainly. Which way did you come in?
    Hemingway was just a tourist watching Spaniards tease farm animals.
    He missed an invaluable opportunity to hold his tongue.
    "He needed killin'" should be a valid defense...
    He obviously has his finger on the bleeding edge of high tech.
    He often broke into song because he couldn't find the key.
    He posts in FIDO - you know how THOSE people are...
    He posts in Rime - you know how THOSE people are...
    He posts in Usenet - you know how THOSE people are...
    Herb gardeners are always looking for sage advice.
    Herb gardeners have thyme on their hands.
    Herbie the Sperm turns and shouts, "Go back! It's just a blowjob!"
    HERBIVORES: Animals which only eat people named Herb.
    He reads Homer in the original Greek, but doesn't know Greek.
    He recently graduated from the Boone's Farm School of Wine!
    He recently graduated from the McDonald's Fine Food Academy.
    Here comes Sanity, here comes Sanity, right down therapy lane.
    Heredity is what sets parents of a teenager wondering about each other. Here...have some chocolate. Feel better now?
    Here I am again. Rock - ME - and a hard place.
    Here I am!!! What are your other two wishes?
    Here's a lunch that's good & quick: Hot cheese SPAMWICH does the trick.
    Here Strange ain't Strange!!! It's Normal!!
    Here's your baster and your stuffing. Let's keep it clean.
    Heretical ketchup fructose corn syrup heathen!
    Her wedding invitations say Same time, same place.
    He's a bay born b'y!
    He's a chili terrorist.
    He said "ENQ?". "NAK!", she replied.
    He said I had plenty of gas. I thought he meant in the tank! ;*)
    He said "KUNG FU!" I said "M-16." He said "Peace Brother"
    He's an Frenchman, constructed almost entirely from snails and tripe.
    He's an Irishman, constructed almost entirely from potatoes.
    He's a priest in the cult of eternal victimhood.
    He's become one with his inner self. He's passed out! Oh that too.
    He's been working with glue too much.
    He's dead, Jim. I have his tricorder, you get his wallet.
    He's dead, Jim; kick him yourself if you don't believe me.
    He sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them. He's got Blue Wave fever and it's spreading through the message bases!
    He's got two brains cells, one is lost and the other is out looking for it. He's honest. Yep. If he can HONESTLY getcha, he'll GETCHA!
    He should be in the witless protection program!
    He should go far, and the sooner he starts, the better.
    He's Hunanese, constructed almost entirely from chilies and onions.
    He's just a anti-consumerist faux-anarchist.
    He's just a girly man gun banner.
    he's just a girly-man programmer...
    He's just another Bush-votin' flag-wavin' God-numbed patriot.
    He's morphed into a full-fledged, hot-blooded, hab-suckin' chile-head.
    He's not a CROOK! He just has alot of "Undeclared Income".
    He's not a politician; he's just ethically challenged.
    He's not really Canadian, but he does like our bacon.
    He's so cheap: Even if he were in a canoe he wouldn't tip.
    He's surveying his liquor kingdom.
    He suffers from Soul-Deficiency Disorder.
    He's very careful with facts. So much so that he never touches them.
    He's very clever. But, sometimes his brains go to his head.
    He's waxing philosophical again.
    Heterosexuality is not normal, it's just common.
    He that walketh with wise men shall be wise. (Proverbs. XIII. 20)
    He that would be a leader must first be a bridge.
    He then went into some sort of spasm of denial.
    He thinks people who have cell phones and e-mail are uppity.
    He thinks Washington DC is an electric utility.
    He uses a barstool as a walker.
    He walks as if balancing the family tree on his nose.
    He was guilty of suspicion of suspiciousness... the cops.
    He was jailed for his beliefs: he believed the watchman was asleep.
    He was, until he died, more than a mere mortal.
    He went over to the dark side long ago!
    He who answers only to himself asks easy questions.
    He who brings the whipped cream, makes the rules!
    He who can analyze his delusions is called a philosopher.
    He who can follow his own will is a king. -Irish proverb
    He who can't endure the bad won't live to see the good. -Yiddish Proverb
    He who can't endure the bad won't live to see the good. Yiddish Proverb
    He who controls the spice controls the universe!
    He who dies with the most TAGLINES wins!
    He who dies with the most toys can't take any with him.
    He who dies with the most toys is, nonetheless, dead.
    He who dies with the most toys, wins!
    He who does not know where he is heading will go farthest
    He who doesn't risk never gets to drink champagne.
    He who goes with wolves learns to howl. -Spanish Proverb
    He who has become.... more than he was. Enlightenment does that.
    He who has been bitten by 6 dogs is suspicious of the 7th.
    He who has daughters is always a shepherd. - Spanish Proverb
    He who has never hoped can never despair. - G.B. Shaw
    He who has, worries; he who has not, longs.
    He who hesitates is boss.
    He who hesitates is not only lost but miles from the next exit.
    He who hesitates is probably right.
    He who hesitates is trampled by the mob.
    He who indulges bulges.
    He who laughs last didn't get the joke.
    He who laughs last doesn't get the joke.
    He who laughs last probably made a backup.
    He who opens a school door, closes a prison. - Victor Hugo
    He who perseveres, usually succeeds ;*)
    He who pulls leg, risks kick in tummy!
    He who risks nothing, gets nothing.
    He who says it can't be done shouldn't interrupt the one doing it.
    He who says "Where there's smoke there's fire" never owned a fireplace
    He who seeks a friend without a fault remains friendless
    He who slings mud loses ground.
    He who uses bad language is an ignorant schmuck.
    He won't bite beast or man, 'cause he's a Vegetarian.
    He would argue with a signpost.
    He would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle.
    He yammered on about blasphemous pagan marshmallow crucifixes.
    Hey baby. *wink* Wanna come back to my place and trade taglines?
    Hey, Buddy - can ya spare a tagline?
    Hey, buddy ya need a Comp Sci degree? How about a watch?
    Hey Dad, are we gonna stop for ice cream? Can we, huh? ..Rott-Tag
    Hey! Does the morality of hunting wild hunters ever disturb you?
    Hey, don't hit me! I'm new to this echo. [DUCKING]
    Hey, God! It's not funny anymore! I want my rib back! -Adam
    Hey, if us drunks can produce edible food, surely most anybody can.
    Hey, I hear that vegetarians taste good.
    Hey! I'm just an ignorant savage! What do you want from me?
    Hey, it's a war - what did you expect?
    Hey! look at that... I almost made sense for a change...
    Hey, look at that. I'm ranting again. Must be time for my meds.
    Hey look! It's the fry cook formerly known as Prince!
    HEY, put that pack down, and wait at least 5 more minutes!
    Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!
    Hey, Rocky! We can make 2 more episodes out of this thread!
    Hey, snorting quack is illegal. Put down that duck.
    Hey! Some fat guy stole my milk and cookies!
    Hey! That's my opinion! Put it back or I'll shoot!
    Hey, that was good! (Clap, clap, clap!)
    Hey! They hired me for my looks, NOT my mind!
    Hey! This is just like the REAL world!
    Hey, what's that beeping noise? Where's that smoke coming from?
    Hey! Who put this here!?!
    Hey, ya wanna pass me that 17/64th's wrench?
    Hey, YOU cooked it.
    Hey you! Hold my flamethrower while I bayonnet that baby!
    Hey, you! Want a free for a chance to win cash and prizes?!
    Hey You! Yeah YOU! - behind the monitor. Can you get me a pizza? HHTYAY.................Happy Holidays to You and Yours.
    Hide the women and liquor!! The hottentots are running amok!
    High Fructose Corn Syrup is Food Evil Incarnate.
    High message: 943432. Message you last read: 59.
    Hi-Ho Hi-Ho, its off to the institution I go!
    Hindsight is an exact science.
    Hindsight: what Mom experiences from changing too many diapers.
    Hint for Mom: Kids don't really prefer hot dogs to duck a l'orange.
    Hint for Mom: Kids prefer hot dogs to duck a l'orange.
    Hire a consultant - you'll have someone to blame.
    His career is so far behind him he needs the HST to look back on it.
    His family's coat of arms ties in the back.
    His favorite recipe includes Vienna sausages.
    His grandfather on his mother's side was a balding zombie.
    His mind is like a steel trap. Things wander in and get mangled.
    History is a better guide than good intentions!!!
    History is a set of lies agreed upon.
    History never looks like history when you are living through it.
    History repeats itself because nobody listens...
    History repeats itself, but each time the price goes up.
    History - the mistakes that we cannot avoid in the future.
    History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.
    Hit and run means never having to say you're sorry.
    Hmmm... It's smells like either very good cheese or very bad meat.
    H-m-m-m, looks like a typical, generic case of buffer barf!
    Hmmm, Maybe I should have read this one!
    Hmmmmm... hot roasted arachnids! YUM!
    Hockey has more to offer than other religions.
    Hocks.... it's like pig candy.
    HOE CAKE baked on a heated hoe blade. Do not try this in your microwave.
    Ho! Haha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust! WHACK!
    Holding a grudge is letting someone else live rent-free in your head.
    Hold on a sec. A cat is tugging at my heartstrings.
    Hollow chocolate has no calories.
    Hollywood: Where people from Sask. mistake each other for movie stars.
    Home is an invention on which no one has yet improved.
    HOMEMADE = Another word for LOVE.
    Homemade cookies are worth the dough... Yummm!
    Home of left coast, pot smoking, crystal worshipping ravers & witches.
    Home of the [Unsanctioned] Caribou Chili Pizza Experiment.
    Homer was not written by Homer but by another man of that name.
    'Home, Sweet Home' must surely have been written by a bachelor.
    Homework time limit exceeded. Auto logon in effect!
    Hominy is cuzzin to grits which is directly related to drywall spackle. Homminy: dried corn soaked in lye (that's toilet bowl cleaner!)
    Homminy is the lutefisk of the botanical world.
    Honest, I only looked at it.
    Honest, it wasn't me who said Toronto was the Centre of the Universe.
    Honest Ma, I got it from a toilet seat...
    Honest, Occifer! There's no blood in my alcohol content.
    Honest offither, I'm not as drunk as theeple pink I am!
    Honest teacher. A virus really DID eat my homework!
    Honest to God, Mr. Carlson, I thought turkeys could fly. Les Nessman
    Honesty isnt somethin' you should flirt with-you should be married 2 it. Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defense.
    Honesty is the best policy, unless you're dealing with other people.
    Honesty is the key to a relationship. If you can fake that, you're in.
    Honesty is the worst policy.
    Honesty's the best policy but insanity's a better defense.
    Honey? is that what you call this bee barf?
    Honey, it's post-partem... PUT DOWN THE MODEM...
    Honk if you love peace and quiet.
    Honk if your horn is broke!!
    Honor thy SysOp as thy self.
    Hooded Mergangster, n. - A duck that terrorizes other birds.
    Hooked on Phonics? Charter North can help.
    Hoo lawd, pigmeat is what I crave!
    HOOTERS: Delightfully tacky yet unrefined.
    Hopeless: High message: 943432. Message you last read: 59.
    Hormel has lost their minds.
    Horn busted! Watch for finger...
    Horrible bug encounterd. God knows what has happened.
    Horrifying Vegetarians Since 1980.
    Hors d'oeuvre: a ham sandwich cut into forty pieces.
    Horse racing: Sport of Kings - Drag racing: Sport of Queens.
    Hospitals: they clean you with alcohol, but make you drink water...
    Hot and spicy! Texas Style!
    Hotdogs: all the other stuff too vile for pet food.
    Hot sauce is no longer a condiment, it is the main ingredient.
    Hot sauces are final products having recipes, not ingredients.
    Hot Tip #5: The light at the end of a tunnel is a train
    Hot whisky at bedtime - it's not scientific but it helps [g]
    Hot words make for a real cool friendship.
    House gets too cold in the winter? Buy a Pentium.
    Housework, done properly, can kill you. - Erma Bombeck
    Housework - like putting beads on a string with no knot at the end.
    How about some jalapeno peppers in your peanut butter?
    How about washing his underwear in jalapeno pepper juice?
    How are men like noodles? They lack taste and need dough.
    How are men like noodles? They're always in hot water.
    How can I be over the hill when I never got to the top?
    How can I miss you if you won't go away.
    How can I run amok? I don't even own one.
    How can you govern a nation which has 246 kinds of cheese?
    How come animal shelter workers are paid more than child care workers?
    How come smoking cures bacon but kills people?
    How come there's so much month left over at the end of the money?
    How come you never see Cupid with a girlfriend?
    How could I have d/l'ed a virus?!?! It said NO CARRIER!
    How did a fool and his money GET together?
    How did I do THAT?
    How did the guy inventing cottage cheese know it was done?
    How did they explain "clockwise" before clocks were invented?
    How did this ugly woman get in my bed?
    How does Avon find so many women willing to take orders?
    How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work in the mornings?
    How does the snowplow driver get to work???
    How do I turn this off?
    How do they get the deer to cross at the signs?
    How do those dead bugs get into closed light fixtures?
    How do we know when it's summer in Vancouver? The rain feels warmer.
    How do ya kill a circus troupe? Go for the juggler!
    How do you call a *very* large cat wearing a rising-sun headband?
    How do you get 400 Canadians out of a bar? Ask them nicely!
    How do you get a lawyer out of a tree?? Cut the rope!!
    How do you know when you've run out of invisible ink?
    How do you organize an anarchists' conference?
    How do you tell when you run out of invisible ink?
    How is it that governments allow smoking, but not euthenasia?
    How long have been fondling your keyboard like that?
    How lovely (he said, lying through his teeth).
    How many acrylics died to make that sweater?
    How many cat skeletons does it take to fill a tree?
    How many daydreams would darken to nightmares if they came true???
    How many roads must a man travel before he admits he is lost.
    How many roads must a man walk down before you call him a cab?
    How many volts are there in one ampere?
    How many volts do I need to kill someone?
    How many women think I'm a pig? Let's see a show of tits!
    How much can I get away with and still go to heaven?
    How much ground can a groundhog hog?
    How much Healthy Choice food can I eat before it's not a healthy choice?
    How much richer would Bill Gates be if his crap actually worked properly.
    How Much Tag Could A Tagline Tag, If A Tagline Could Tag Tag?
    How Not To Be Seen, lesson 5. Don't stand up.
    How shaky is your fragile little sense of the world?
    How shall I vote thee? Let me recount the ways. Shakespeare in Florida
    How the hades did you work that out? - Pythagorus, 126 BC
    How the heck do you use this thing?
    How to attract a vegetarian? Make a noise like a wounded vegetable.
    How to dump a Marine after sex: throw a beer can out car window.
    How you do anything is how you do everything.
    Huge platters of steak that require a forklift for serving.
    Huh? I have to say something clever at the end of each message?
    Human error! - It's all **YOUR** fault -
    Human history has become a race between education and catastrophe.
    Humans are not pigs; they'll eat anything. - Swedish Proverb
    Human spirit, it is a hard thing to kill. Even with a chain saw.
    Humble pie is always hard to swallow with your pride.
    Humble pie tastes better a la mode.
    Hummingbirds never remember the words to the song.
    Humor is also a way of saying something serious.
    Humor is an acronym for "HUman Management Of Reality"
    Humor is the shock absorber of life. :)
    Humorless Toronto - the place where people say Thank God it's Monday!
    Humour is emotional chaos remembered in tranquillity.
    Humour is the hole that lets the sawdust out of a stuffed shirt.
    Hunger is never delicate. -Dr. Johnson
    Hunting is no fun when the rabbit has the gun.
    "Hurry, dial 911!" "OK, what's the number?"
    HUSBAND: A handyman with sex privileges.
    Husbands are like fires. They go out if unattended. -Zsa Zsa Gabor
    Hydrogen bombs are great party gags.
    Hypertagline. . . er, tagtree?
    Hyphenate between sy-llables and avoid un-necessary hyphens.
    Hypocrisy is the K-Y Jelly of social intercourse.
    Hypocrisy is the Vaseline of social intercourse.
    Hypocrites always practice what they preach - against!


    Always Mount a Scratch Monkey

    ... If this were an actual tagline, it would be funny.
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