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    /00\ Here's /00\ l00king /00\ at /00\ you. /00\ /00\ .-----N|##############||----[ You're sticking that where?
    "42? 7 and a half million years and all you can come up with is 42?!"
    "42 pizzas, 6 without crusts." - Wakko into phone
    A $1500 CPU will protect a $10 surge protector by frying first. A@#%24305bsrnqysw46uw6j6sn <- Tagline from my cat
    A 2-year subscription?? At this age I don't even buy green bananas. AAAAAAAA..... American Association Against Any And All Acronym Abuse Aaaahhhhh-CHU! Not Virus, BBS Fever.
    AACCHHOOO!!! Darn! I see the idiots are in bloom again!
    AARRGGHH!! I've been subpoenaed to appear in Tagline Court!
    A Bachelor likes his girl friend just the way she is... single!
    A bachelor lives like a king and dies like a beggar.
    A bad cause requires many words. -German Proverb
    A bad day hunting is better than a good day at work!
    A bad day: "Transfer completed (5720468 bytes, 1 CPS)"
    A balanced diet is a chocolate in each hand.
    Abandon the search for truth: settle on a good fantasy.
    Abandon the search for truth; Settle on a good fantasy....
    Abandon the search for Truth: settle on a good fantasy.
    Abdicate (v.) to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.
    Abducted by aliens and all I got was this lousy implant.
    A beast I am, lest a beast I become.
    A beer delayed is a beer denied.
    A beer doesn't get jealous when you grab another beer.
    A Belgian is a hell living on Earth.
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