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    From Daryl Stout@1:2320/100 to Ardith Hinton on Sat Jan 31 04:15:02 2015
    Hi, Daryl! Recently you wrote in a message to ARDITH HINTON:

    Hope you and yours had a good Christmas.

    Hi, Ardith...I had a good one. My brother and I went to our elderly
    Mom's place for lunch, then went on our separate ways. I'm doing all the driving for her now...although she does drive if my car is in the shop
    (as it was last week), or if I'm being sedated for a medical procedure.

    Christmas 2014 was a fairly quiet one, but IMHO we all needed that.
    Once upon a time our daughter would grumble about being cooped up in the hou
    if Dallas & I hadn't arranged an outing. In those days we went to every par
    organized by some local charity or whatever. With the SARS epidemic many su
    gatherings were discontinued. However, she's a bit older now as well....

    This is the time of year when the flu and other illnesses really rage.

    Never a dull moment, eh? I seem to recall that another person said,
    many years ago, "Can't I have a few dull moments... please??" ;-)


    I had a double ended (front and back) procedure just before
    Christmas. They did a cystoscopy up through the penis and
    urethra to look into the bladder, and took an image of the
    prostate through the rectum. Naturally, I was asleep for both. :)

    I'm a prime candidate for this new prostate relief procedure
    called Urolift

    I hadn't heard of it. Thanks for the info.... :-)

    It really holds promise for men suffering from an enlarged
    prostate...typical for males growing older.

    ...and I never thought I'd be so excited about a surgical

    It certainly does sound preferable to the alternatives.

    Urine retention is no fun...especially when I've had kidney stones in
    the past.

    Enlarged prostate issues are part of males growing old

    So I gather. In most cases they're probably not a serious cause for AH>concern... apart from the inability to pee, which can be life-threatening.

    Exactly. I think it can also cause bladder issues.

    I see you've done your homework. I like that.... :-)

    I have some other procedures coming up that I've also done research
    on, as I like to know what to expect.

    Yes, I've heard of Flomax. As a rule of thumb I consider surgery to
    be a last resort. But if it means one doesn't have to count on pharmaceutic
    ad infinitum I'm interested... and I'd do a similar risk/benefit analysis.

    As for the other procedures, the neurologist thinks I may have
    "cervical osteoarthritis"...problems with the nerves in my neck and
    spinal column. They want to rule out ALS (Lou Gehring's disease),
    Multiple Sclerosis, Myesthenia Gravis, and Fibromyalgia.

    So, they're going to do an EMG...an electrical nerve conductivity
    test, in 2 parts. One, they'll put electrodes on the skin, and apply
    small voltages of current, to see how the muscles react. Then, they'll
    place needles directly into the muscle (NOT looking forward to that),
    and test the nerves response when the muscle is relaxed, then
    stimulated. I understand both of these are rather painful. So, I'm going
    to go ahead and purge the colon out beforehand, so I don't urinate or
    defecate on the table, when they apply the current, or insert the needles...which sound more like strands of barbed wire.

    After all that is done, I'll have an MRI done (no contrast dye for
    this), so I'll probably be face down on the table...and I believe nude
    for both.

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