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    From Ardith Hinton@1:2320/100 to Daryl Stout on Sun Sep 14 23:56:02 2014
    Hi, Daryl! Recently you wrote in a message to ARDITH HINTON:

    I can copy echomail from our BBS into a writing area which
    doesn't scan out. When I've finished a reply I then move
    or copy it into the echo area, which *does* scan out.... :-)

    This way, I can read the messages, and compose them at my
    leisure, without "the clock running", and keeping others from
    using the BBS...mine or someone elses...

    Uh-huh. I remember the early days of this echo, when Dallas & I had only one computer between us. I don't type quickly... and many of our readers were dealing with complex problems. I couldn't just say the first thing which entered my head because they'd heard more than enough of that already. Dallas would remind me that others might want to use the BBS, and I'd remind him that since we were paying the bills I felt we should have first dibs on it.... ;-)

    Three hours of square dancing is equivalent to 6 miles of
    walking. Of course, when you go out afterwards, and order
    a banana hot fudge royale sundae, well... <G>

    I can relate. You've burned a lot of calories & your stomach thinks your throat has been cut. I feel the same way after a two-hour band rehearsal plus an hour of hauling a whole bunch of equipment, setting it up, and putting it away again. I understand that your body wants the instant gratification of carbohydrate... but a banana sundae is more than my body can handle. What I'd prefer is something like a home-made omelet, with bean sprouts & whatever else is available. If I'm not too tired I'll cook it upon our return. OTOH if the extrovert-in-residence from the trombone section suggests we go to a local pub where other folks will bring food & drink to our table I'm interested.... :-)

    When I started dancing 30 years ago, I lost 25 pounds, from
    dancing every night of the week. At that time, there were at
    least 20 clubs in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. Sadly now,
    that's what's about left in the state of Arkansas. :(

    That *is* sad. One of the problems many older folks seem to have is is that they eat as they did when they were more physically active. I imagine it may also be more of a challenge for you to remain active, with fewer clubs.

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