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    From Ardith Hinton@1:153/716 to James Bradley on Mon Oct 24 16:52:10 2011
    Hi, James! This is a belated continuation of a previous reply to you:

    Oh, *so* glad to find the time to garner your thoughts
    again! <I SWEAR the new neighbours think I'm "off my
    rocker" for laughing so hard!>

    Aww, shucks! You make me laugh too. I enjoy that... [grin].

    As for the neighbours... I guess you could say "You
    had to be there." But I doubt you're overly concerned
    about what they think. :-)

    Oh, if they had no grounds for their suspicion before
    this week, they were blind to the notion. <L> Despite
    my best efforts, my worst psych evaluation remains
    "Perhaps mildly paranoid."

    My psych evaluation, which I sought years ago when my future parents-
    in-law thought I was crazy because my point of view didn't coincide with theirs ... was that I was sane & I understood myself quite well. I guess I understood
    myself better than they did. We may both seem a bit neurotic at times. So who
    doesn't? "Trust in Allah, but tie your camel." I can relate to that.... :-))

    And that was after I BEGGED for their full treatment and
    before they sent me home to "convalesce". <ROTF>

    A warm cup of tea & fuzzy slippers or a good view of the mountains or
    a bit of time in the garden can go a long way.... :-)

    For the record - and in the interim from my last post -
    I *did* have to check my anger when discussing my medical
    complications to a person who was expressing nothing but
    compassion towards me. In my defence it took me MANY
    requests for her to stop before I turned immature in
    order to change the topic.

    Sounds to me like the social worker (probably an NF, IMHO) who visits
    us from time to time. While she has oodles of empathy she can't get it through
    her head that the bus nearest where we live is not wheelchair accessible... and
    in the end she admits she has nothing to offer which would suit our needs. :-(

    So, even after twenty-years almost to the date, I *do*
    have to realize how tender my fragility is, but take
    heart others here. I'm learning that I have PLENTY left
    to learn about the muck we are all in.

    And after a similar length of time dealing with related issues I hear
    what you're saying! Many years ago I was told an appealing but apocryphal tale
    of how Alexander the Great wept because "there were no more worlds to conquer".
    According to a biography Nora & I just finished, he recognized somewhere around
    the area of modern-day Afghanistan that he'd be out of his depth if he went any
    further east... and that while one of his tutors (Aristotle) had assured him of
    the existence of other worlds he didn't know how to get there. WRT the sort of
    subject matter you & I are interested in there is always more to be learned. I
    think it's great that we have such opportunities to keep our minds active. :-)

    I don't recall seeing the other name you mentioned, but
    I missed reading a lot of the posts I downloaded.

    Nathan? Based on what he's said here & in various other echoes, I'm inclined to think his interest leans more toward adding echoes to his BBS than toward devoting sustained attention to the content. Over to you, Nathan. ;-)

    and even the Godless Steve, (I have your new nickname,
    Steve. I hope you have thick enough skin?) I suffer from
    an iatrogenic fibroid neuroma. Once we settle back into
    our chairs behind a warm cup of tea and fuzzy slippers, I
    have no problems going through the details, but I trust we
    can have mutual respect for our emotions if things become

    As others have done here. Sounds good to me.... :-)

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