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    From Ardith Hinton@1:153/716 to Richard Webb on Wed Aug 24 23:52:16 2011
    Hi yet again, Richard! This is the last installment in the current series:

    [re learning Braille]
    even if the daughter is reluctant the parents need to
    push. tHe rest of her life depends upon her developing
    literacy tools,

    That's my take on it.... :-)

    and even if she mainly uses braille to make notes for
    herself and to label household items such as canned
    goods, medicines, etc. it's a tool she can't afford to
    be without.

    The more you can do for yourself, the less you're dependent on other people... who may or may not have a clue what's going on in your life... to do it for you. You've captured my philosophy of education in a nutshell.... :-)

    YEs tools such as the handheld reader in a cell phone
    developed by Ray Kurzweil and the NFB in partnership
    are available,

    All sorts of wonderful things are available nowadays... for a price! If you're under eighteen there are various charities who may help finance such things. If you're no longer so cute & appealing you may find yourself on your own. Either way, the ability to read Braille does give you more options. :-)

    but there's nothing like being able to use the blind
    person's equivalent of a pencil to make notes or label
    items that need labels, batteries not required!

    Yes. As I grow older I find myself developing more appreciation for what my ancestors did. My parents were reducing, re-using, and recycling long before these terms were in fashion. I'm glad I acquired such down-home skills as making compost & cooking from scratch with minimal equipment. And I'm glad things were built to last years ago because I don't enjoy shopping... unless I luck into situations where one person's trash may be another's treasure. :-))

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