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    From Ardith Hinton@1:153/716 to James Bradley on Sat Jul 23 23:52:16 2011
    Hi, James! Recently you wrote in a message to Ardith Hinton:

    I *still* need to swap fridges here, but I lost my keys
    while trying to affect that. Now I have something *else*
    to fret about. <Cha-G>

    Hmm. In that regard, your loss is our gain.... :-Q

    NOT!!! I still need to find my keys! <LOL>

    I'm not unsympathetic... but when you can't find your keys, you have more time to write. For selfish reasons I enjoy that. OTOH, I'm just as slow to answer. Mea culpa! If you just put them down somewhere & forgot where you put them I trust you'll have found them by now. If the cat found them first & decided they'd be fun to play with I hope you have spare keys in reserve. ;-)

    My aunt who had just retired as a librarian asked me,
    "What IT department?"

    I was teacher-librarian in a small school which couldn't afford even one computer until the parents had raised the money via bake sales etc. There was no chance of getting my hands on it, because classroom teachers always had first dibs. But as a volunteer in the library at Nora's elementary school and as a user of the Vancouver Public Library card catalogue I must confess that I still prefer the old-fashioned methods of record keeping in many ways.... :-)

    ... anybody who's interested in finding out more about me
    has to know where & how to look. :-)

    Like I told an x-fighter jockey for the RCAF, "Take an
    internal modem and network interface card to your corner
    store to ask the first ten people you meet to identify each.

    In my experience, you'd be lucky to find anybody who has a clue what you mean when you refer to a modem buddy! Twenty years ago people were asking me what the Internet was. Nowadays people don't know what a modem is.... :-Q

    It's not impossible to get "nasty", just SO much more work
    for the malcontents for so little "gain". <scratching head>

    Yup.... :-)

    Dad was a GREAT assessor of popular culture and intra-
    personal relations.

    Nature or nurture? At any rate, I like the way you do it. :-)

    My Vancouver sister and I just exchanged a volley of
    HILARIOUS reminiscent emails about Dad and our upbringing
    in his honor. He had some bad traits, but MANY more good.

    My father & I didn't always get along, but I'm grateful now for what he taught me. I reckon most people are probably a mixture of good & bad. :-)

    Knowing what I know about you, I'm secure in calling your
    husband a "keeper".

    In a word... yes. :-))

    I should toss you [the Vancouver sister's] contact info,
    if I remember to mention you to her in August.

    Sounds to me like a good idea. It would give us another way to keep in touch if some disaster occurred computerwise. Meanwhile, I read my netmail almost daily. I read my e-mail when the spirit moves.... :-)

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