• Musical Miscellany.. 2.

    From Ardith Hinton@1:153/716 to Richard Webb on Sun May 15 21:56:10 2011
    Hi again, Richard! This is a continuation of my previous message to you:

    THat's one thing i enjoyed about living in NEw ORleans,
    it forced me to come out of the cocoon of the familiar
    a bit once e in awhile, try a food from somewhere else,
    check out some music that I normally wouldn't encounter

    That's something I enjoy about living in Vancouver & being with young
    folks too. Eating Strange Foreign Foods (e.g. pizza & chow mein!) seemed quite
    radical to many of our parents' generation when Dallas & I first tried it. Now
    there's much more variety available & our daughter is taking it a step further.
    I added a number of items to my repertoire after she blazed the trail.... :-))

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  • From Ardith Hinton@1:153/716 to Richard Webb on Wed Jun 15 23:52:08 2011
    Hi, Richard! Recently you wrote in a message to Ardith Hinton:

    I don't get exposed to enough new and different living
    out here in the sticks, sorta miss it at times.

    I can relate. Years ago a friend of ours lived on a cattle ranch in the interior of BC. The grass-fed steak she served us was as smooth as butter ... I've never eaten so much at one sitting before or since. Her neighbour on the other side of a common wall was apparently addicted to C/W music, however, and we very soon tired of hearing identical bass lines repeated again & again. We also found when we visited the area a bit later that in at least one of the local eateries a Caesar salad = a lettuce & tomato salad with Caesar dressing. As an ex-waitress I realize how far this notion has deviated from the original concept. What you gain on the swings you may lose on the roundabouts.... :-)

    None of my neighbors are music listeners really it seems,
    not like the city where just in the course of walking up
    the road you were exposed to a lot of it.

    Yeah. The upside for me is hearing live music from the window of an apartment or from buskers on the street. The downside is the people who leave their car radios blaring away while they run errands somewhere else... (sigh).

    SEems the lady who lives up the hill from us has a son
    who's started to take up the drums, and he seems to
    practice a lot in his garage. IN fact, it was that
    which made me remember the joke "when does the drumming
    stop" I think I posted in this echo <grin>.

    If he wants to practice where he can get serious about whatever he's not yet able to do very well... with no concerns about who may be listening... I'd suggest distancing himself one way or another from the rest of the family. In some cases, however, would-be musicians are banished to the garage for good reason. When we heard a drummer practising in a nearby apartment a few months ago we sent him/her a message... via another tenant in the same building... to the effect that our community band needs more drummers. OTOH, during the year I was studying choral conducting & practising three instruments in addition to the clarinet the neighbours on both sides of us moved out. I'm quite sure you wouldn't want to hear me attempt to sing *or* to play the violin... [chuckle].

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