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    From Ardith Hinton@1:153/716 to James Bradley on Sat Apr 16 23:52:32 2011
    Hi, James! Recently you wrote in a message to Ardith Hinton:

    I duplicate the effect as best I can with rolled-up
    towels or whatever else comes to hand. But it all
    sounds so simple I wonder why I didn't think of it
    earlier.... :-)

    As long as you've thought about it now.

    Better late than never?? Hmm. While I am slow of thought, word, and
    and deed that's understandable in view of my preferred reasoning style.... ;-)

    Having never met the man that built your desk, I doubt
    he was *that* unimaginative. Heck, he raised you to
    think outside the box after all.

    Yeah... you may have a point there. Both of my parents did their own
    thing without regard for what the neighbours were doing, and they were far more
    interesting than the neighbours AFAIC. I guess I took it a step further. :-))

    I often check my flights of fancy with some down to earth
    "What the .... was I thinking?" and often too late.

    Apparently you enjoy giving the right hemisphere of your brain a good
    workout. The right hemisphere is where you get your creative ability & spatial
    relations ability. I imagine it takes up quite a lot of bandwidth while you're
    rejuvenating other people's castoffs. Then the left hemisphere kicks in & does
    the math. But you *are* consciously aware of having made this adjustment. :-)

    I *need* to let the imagination step aside for common
    sense and *much* earlier so I don't have to waste so
    much time, effort and material as I am accustom to.

    OTOH, I've often managed to achieve the impossible when I ignored the
    naysayers! If you learn best by doing under certain circumstances I think that
    is legitimate. In addition to the psychobabble I've already confused you with:
    I recognize three major learning channels... visual, auditory, and kinetic. As
    long as that old motorcycle engine (or whatever else you're currently trying to
    fix) gets you out in the fresh air keeping your mind & your body active I think
    the investment is paying off to some degree whether or not you reach your goal.
    But while the ability to see the potential in things is a useful talent, it can
    get in the way of practicality at times. I resemble that remark... [wry grin].

    You buy these things at auctions... I buy clothing at rummage sales &
    whatnot. In such cases, we both know the previous owner may have discarded the
    item in question because there is something wrong with it. If the manufacturer
    used non-standard sizing or if Junior dribbled egg yolk on his togs & Mom can't
    figure out how to get it off or if there's a button missing but the spare is on
    an inside seam (right where I'd expect it to be) or if a garment is last year's
    model, I can easily see that. For you the challenge may be greater because you
    can't be sure what's wrong with an engine, for example, until you've dismantled
    it. Then you have to find somewhere to put the pieces... which now occupy much
    more space than they did earlier. If you need time to ponder the situation you
    can't just leave it & do something different for awhile, as I often do when I'm
    composing a message in my writing area or waiting for stubborn stains to finish
    soaking in the bathtub, because your working space is already filled & you have
    to remember how to put all the pieces back in the correct order. I can't offer
    any solutions... but I *can* assure you that it's human nature to bite off more
    than we can chew occasionally & add my own perceptions re learning styles. :-)

    When somebody wants Dallas to play computer guru, we
    offer them Nora's chair... but SJ's don't like to cause
    any trouble & they think they know better.

    Oh, *those* kind.

    I figured you'd know the type I was referring to. But I don't expect
    the individual I mentioned earlier to be driving Dallas & me crazy a few months
    from now. He just informed us he's decided to relocate in Calgary... [GD&RFC].

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