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    From Ardith Hinton@1:153/716 to James Bradley on Wed Apr 6 13:56:06 2011
    Hi, James! Recently you wrote in a message to Richard Webb:

    You'd be surprised in my bar band days though how many
    times I'd go to a gig to find a pickup drummer who didn't
    have a drum key or common hand tool.s A drum key, common
    hand tools, and wd40 for kick drum pedals was part of my
    gotta have it toolkit for gigging.

    WD40 didn't *exist* in my bar-daze! Still, a box of fluids,
    a box of tools, and a box of expendable were always on my
    list. Inside one of those boxes was always a box of band-
    aids, mole-skin and what-nots.

    Things I've learned from studying music... you two anticipated what might go wrong & came prepared. Before Richard joined us here I mentioned the Hoffnung cartoon in which the clarinet player has a dictionary protruding from his hip pocket & admitted that on occasion I carried a dictionary in my purse. Yes, you'll probably find a high percentage of nerds... including me... in the clarinet section! But I'm reminded also of the former student who told me I'd taught him to be prepared. At the time, it didn't occur to me to include that in the lesson plans I was expected to hand in monthly to the school office. I was just being myself. With experience I realized the majority of normal red- blooded kids study the teacher at least as intently as whatever the teacher is blathering about. I reckon after a few years in my band class he knew more or less what I kept in my pockets, my clarinet case, and my desk drawer.... :-))

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