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    From Ardith Hinton@1:153/716 to James Bradley on Mon Feb 21 14:52:30 2011
    Hi again, James! This is another continuation of a previous message to you:

    I'm practising to be a feisty old lady some day.
    If others would rather I starve than put my elbows
    on the table, I've got news for them!

    "Feisty [...] lady some day." Because of the modifier
    qualifying the statement, I'll let it slip this one
    time. <ROTF w/hoping my language terms hold water>

    Not to worry. Such gallantry compels the left-brain internal editor to stand aside for the time being. ;-)

    For those who aren't so hung up on convention I'd be
    more than delighted to explain how I've modified my
    computer desk & chair at no extra cost.... :-)

    I'm almost afraid to ask,

    Oops. I see you've got my number... [chuckle].

    but when it's in you to explain....

    Short explanation: I keep my elbows close to my body... as a physio advised when I had problems with the other shoulder... and I've found a way to support the elbow on the currently injured side while using my computer. In a perfect world, I might have an executive armchair. In this world, I duplicate the effect as best I can with rolled-up towels or whatever else comes to hand. But it all sounds so simple I wonder why I didn't think of it earlier.... :-)

    Long explanation: my computer desk is actually a small table with a drawer in the centre, which my father built for me as a study desk while I was in my teens. It's plain, unimaginative, but made to last... just like him! I can use the pulled-out drawer as an arm rest with complete confidence that I'm not causing any structural damage & that it quite literally won't let me down. With the addition of two bath towels I can bring it up to desk level.

    Now, here's where things get really weird & you might want to ensure you have an adequate supply of your beverage of choice on hand... [grin].

    Long explanation continued: For whatever reasons, my chair seems to be an SJ magnet. It's what some folks refer to as a "mate's chair"... i.e. it has arms which are shorter than those of a captain's chair or executive chair. Our living space is just as crowded as yours & that is all I have room for. I must add that our personal computers are located in a main traffic area. When somebody wants Dallas to play computer guru, we offer them Nora's chair... but SJ's don't like to cause any trouble & they think they know better. They park their fannies on my chair so I can't use my computer. Then they move my chair into the middle of the room, because otherwise they can't see what's going on. (I could have predicted that... but they didn't ask me! The last one even put his backpack on the floor in front of him, thus making it almost impossible to go back & forth whilst preparing Nora to go out.) Meanwhile they don't notice they've knocked down a bunch of stuff which would take approximately six hours to return to its original location. I don't have six hours to spare. But all things work together for good. My chair is now at an odd angle because that's the best I can do to restore order within fifteen minutes. OTOH, the distance between the arm of the chair & the pulled-out drawer is quite manageable. The addition of another bath towel makes up for whatever else may be lacking. :-)

    I start to worry about you when I haven't heard a peep out
    of Calgary in two months because Kevin's system is down.

    He had a few issues. One was moving to a new OS, ROMDOS and
    it sounds like I took out his modem while downloading a mail
    package. As long as his health holds - that's the main thing.

    Yes, and of course I hope it does. But if it doesn't you're welcome to call our BBS. We still have a POTS line.... :-)

    All my favourite people are weirdos. How could it be
    otherwise when we're dealing with weird stuff hardly
    anybody else understands? If it takes me awhile to
    answer sometimes, it may also be I'm blown away that
    you do.... :-))

    Line starts behind me, sister! <LOL>

    Aww, shucks! Thanks.... :-) :-) :-)

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