• TRX-2 Scanner?

    From Jeff Smith@1:282/1031 to All on Wed Mar 28 15:00:10 2018
    Hello There,

    I recently acquired a TRX-2 digital programmable scanner to replace/update my RS Pro-197 scanner that I bought back in around 2003. The TRX-2 is real easy to
    program. In fact it will pretty much program itself if you enter in your zipcode. I opted for a more manual approach to programming the new scanner as the default self-programming includes lots of frequencies that I have little to
    no interest in listening to. My RS scanner still works fine and I plan on giving it to my son who is a firefighter.

    Anyone else have experience with the TRX-2?


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  • From Rick Christian@1:135/377 to Jeff Smith on Thu Mar 29 21:22:33 2018
    LONG TIME from crystal scanners,
    to varitune receivers to syntheszied. With out scanning I wouldn't be in the field I am in! So I get pretty irate with the way the hobby detoriated .

    I like that Whistler picked up the GRE line when it went under, but much like Uniden, it relies on winstupper to do anything. So I can't update the firmware in it, nor program it via any program unless maybe CHIRP supports it???

    THe TRX2 is good in that most of the Whistler line can be progammed like a normal scanner.


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    Anyone else have experience with the TRX-2?

    I find the the new scanners for dummies, useless, especially the ones where you
    can't program what YOU WANT, over its pre programmed stuff..

    I also have a HUGE PROBLEM with the SOURCE of this data and its profiteering off the backs of local monitoring users.

    Uniden makes a CB with a scanner, GREAT IDEA! Crappy implementation! YOU CAN'T PROGRAM THE #@%!(%*(!Q%&*(!*%& THING! It ONLY works with the stupid thiefed DB,
    and if you lock out the local FD, ( I only care about LE) then when you turn it on again the stupid FD is back!

    I really don't know what is so hard about programming these things, set it to the proper mode, program in the frequencies. Program scan memories with your talkgroups of choice. EDACS is about the only thing that kind of puts a little wrinkle in things as it has to be programmed in a specific manner.

    I've been at scanning