• ScanCaster LIVE Scanner Feeds

    From Rick Christian@1:2320/100 to All on Tue Jun 27 07:53:19 2017

    Hello everybody!

    To any one of interest the following LIVE AUDIO FEEDS are available:
    Manatee County, FL LE - MCSO/BPD/PPD/GRP 6 *LE ONLY* http://audio.scancaster.net:8000/manateeedacs
    Polk County Florida SO - Southwest Dispatch/TAC's/AeroMed/BayFlite/LZ OPS w/TAGS *NO EMS!* http://audio.scancaster.net:8000/PolkCoFL
    Plant City Florida PD & FD along with HEAR and Hills Co LZ OPS NO TAGS http://audio.scancaster.net:8000/PlantCityFLPDFD
    Hillsborough County Florida SO District 2,4 & *NEW 5* Dispatch/Info/TACS/LZ OPS
    You will need to add these directly to any players used under CUSTOM SCANNERS

    We also are looking for ADDITIONAL FEEDS, IN ALL Areas EXCEPT TX or CA


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