• How Much is My Guitar Worth???

    From Allen Prunty@1:2320/100 to All on Mon Jul 4 22:03:18 2016
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    TheDingo: Here's one, I worked in a small neighborhood music store for a few years. I got this call one day:

    Me: Hello, Ted's Music. How may I help you?
    - Yes, I am having a garage sale and I am selling an old guitar. How much is it worth?
    Me: ...Ummm, it's really hard to say without seeing it. What
    brand/model/year is it?
    - I have no idea. Can you just give an estimate?
    Me: I couldn't even give a ballpark without seeing it or getting any info on it.
    - Well you're no help at all! I thought this was a music store.
    Me: Let me see..... yes, yes it is.
    - Why can't you just tell me what it's worth?
    Me: Ma'am, I'm sorry, but guitars can have a value anywhere from $5 to millions. Without seeing it I can't tell you.
    - Well you guys sure are worthless.
    Me: It's worth $5.
    - $5?
    Me: Yes.
    - Ok, took long enough. Bye

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