• What's New in v 5.01

    From Janis Kracht@1:2320/100 to All on Thu Feb 13 23:25:44 2014
    WinRAR - What's new in the latest version

    Version 5.01

    1. RAR 5.0 archives can include an optional quick open information
    controlled with -qo[-|+] switch or "Quick open information" options
    group in archiving dialog. It allows to open the archive
    contents in WinRAR faster.

    This version provides better update performance for archives
    containing both quick open information and service records,
    such as NTFS file security. Also default parameters of quick
    open information are optimized to achieve faster open time
    for such archives.

    2. Bugs fixed:

    a) "Find" command could fail when searching text string in .7z archives;

    b) when opening RAR 5.0 archive with encrypted file names stored
    in another such archive, WinRAR could issue an erroneous message
    that password is incorrect. It happened only if
    passwords to inner and outer archives were different. It did not
    affect extraction, all files could be unpacked regardless of this

    c) option "Use for all archives" in password dialog did not suppress
    additional password requests for RAR 5.0 archives with encrypted
    file names;

    d) WinRAR address bar did not process correctly environment variable
    based paths, such as %temp%;

    e) storing NTFS file security and alternate data streams did not work
    for file pathnames longer than 260 characters;

    f) "Test" command could erroneously report damaged data in valid
    recovery record if only a part of files in RAR 5.0 archive
    was tested. It did not happen if entire archive
    contents was tested;

    g) "Test" command erroneously reported errors when verifying
    RAR 4.x Unix symbolic links;

    h) WinRAR "View" command did not work for files inside of BZIP2 archives;

    i) if "High precision modification time" option in archiving dialog
    was turned off, WinRAR did not store the modification time at
    all instead of storing a lower precision time;

    j) destination paths containing .\ or ..\ component did not work
    when extracting non-RAR archives in WinRAR command line mode;

    k) WinRAR failed to unpack multivolume CAB archives.

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