• What's New in WinRar 4.20

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    WinRAR - What's new in the latest version

    Version 4.20

    1. Changes in RAR compression:

    a) RAR general compression algorithm is optimized for
    better utilization of several processor cores. While
    some speed gain is possible even in single processor
    mode, best results are achieved in multi-core

    Speed gain depends on data type and average file size.
    Several cores are utilized more efficiently when
    compressing large files.

    b) we had to increase memory requirements to achieve
    higher compression speed. General RAR compression
    algorithm allocates about 120 MB comparing to 40 MB in
    WinRAR 4.11;

    c) RAR text compression algorithm cannot utilize several
    CPU cores efficiently, so its performance in
    multiprocessor environment is much lower than for
    general algorithm. Also its decompression speed is
    much lower than in general algorithm regardless of CPU
    number. So we decided to disable the text algorithm by

    If you need maximum possible compression ratio for
    plain text data regardless of speed, you can enable the
    text compression in "Advanced compression parameter"
    dialog. Press "Compression..." button on "Advanced"
    page of archiving dialog to access it. You can also
    change this option permanently in default compression

    In the command line mode the text compression can be
    enabled with -mct switch;

    d) "Fastest" (-m1) compression mode also supports several
    processor cores now. In 4.11 it could use only a
    single processor

    2. RAR general decompression algorithm speed is slightly
    improved, though not to same extent as RAR compression.
    RAR decompression is not able to use several processor
    cores, so its performance does not depend on a number of

    3. Changes in ZIP compression:

    a) now ZIP compression supports several processor cores
    resulting in noticeably higher performance in
    multi-core environment. Single CPU ZIP compression is
    also faster than in 4.11;

    b) memory use for ZIP compression is increased to about 15

    4. Recovery volume creating and processing can use several
    CPU cores resulting in higher speed. Though, typically
    hard drive seek speed is a limiting factor for recovery
    volumes, so this gain is most noticeable when working with
    solid state drive.

    5. Now the allowed <threads> value for -mt<threads> switch is
    1 - 32, not 0 - 16 as before.

    6. "Find files" command can search data in 7-Zip archives.
    Previously "Find files" did not support .7z archive

    7. Windows 2000 is not supported by WinRAR and WinRAR
    self-extracting modules anymore.

    8. "Save current settings" button in "Advanced SFX options"
    dialog is now available only when converting an existing
    archive to SFX. Options saved with this button are
    applied only to convert to SFX operation.

    If you create or update SFX archive, only SFX options
    stored in default compression profile are used. Options
    saved in "Advanced SFX options" dialog are ignored for
    these operations.

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