• First beta release of WinRAR 3.30!

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    WinRAR - Newsletter 3/2003
    Issue: November 19, 2003

    Welcome to the third edition of the WinRAR Newsletter!
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    This newsletter contains the following topics:

    1. First beta release of WinRAR 3.30!
    2. What is a beta version?
    3. How to upgrade your old version?

    1. First beta release of WinRAR 3.30!

    RARLAB and win.rar GmbH have done it again!
    Just in time for Christmas, RARLAB and win.rar GmbH have released the
    first beta of WinRAR 3.30.
    Again, more proof that WinRAR is constantly improved to keep it ahead
    of the pack!

    WinRAR 3.30 has innovative features and the best usability results.
    Of course, as always, the upgrade to 3.30 is absolutely free to all
    registered users!

    ** Highlights of the 3.30 release:

    * Scan archives for viruses!

    The new "Scan archive for viruses" command has been added.
    It unpacks an archive to a temporary folder and then checks its
    contents with the antivirus software that is installed on a
    userAs computer.

    * "Enhanced deflate" can now be decompressed by WinRAR!

    WinRAR now supports decompression of ZIP archives that were created
    using the "Enhanced deflate" method.

    * New "Generate Report" Command!

    The new "Generate report" command creates a report containing a list
    of usual or archived files. You have the option to include file size,
    date and CRC to report, choose the sort order, save report to file,
    and send it to a printer or copy it to the clipboard.

    * Split archiving improved!

    WinRAR now supports creating volumes (multi-split archives) of different
    sizes. The "Next volume" dialog allows you to modify not only a name,
    but also the size of the next volume, so you may create volumes of
    different sizes. This dialog is displayed if you create volumes on
    removable disks or if you set the "Pause after each volume" option
    in the "Advanced" part of the archiving dialog.

    Just when you thought WinRAR couldn't get any better, we added 29 new
    improved items. More information on all these 29 improved items can be
    found here: http://www.win-rar.com/index.php?aid=whatsnew

    Be the first to download the trial version at either http://www.win-rar.com/index.php?aid=download

    2. What is a beta version?

    A beta version, as opposed to a final version, is software that is
    undergoing its final stages in testing. We release beta versions to our customers so that the final set of bugs can be found and eliminated
    from WinRAR.

    More detailed infos can be found here: http://www.win-rar.com/index.php?aid=download
    (Please press the "What is a beta version?" link)

    3. How to upgrade your old WinRAR version?

    Upgrading is quick and easy. Users only need to download WinRAR 3.20 at http://www.win-rar.com/index.php?aid=download and install the newest
    version of WinRAR to continue using the best compression tool around!
    Please close all open WinRAR archives and exit WinRAR before installing.
    No complicated uninstalling of the previous version is necessary.

    Do you need technical assistance?

    Please feel free to search for all kinds of information on WinRAR/RAR
    within our "Knowledge Base" at http://www.win-rar.com/index.php?aid=knowl.

    At the moment our database contains 196 articles in 42 categories.

    The knowledge base is constantly improving as we are adding more
    interesting information and features.

    Please send any requests for improvements to support@win-rar.com.


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