• Pocket RAR 3.20 released! (Freeware)

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    WinRAR - Newsletter 2/2003
    Issue: October 15, 2003

    Welcome to the second edition of the WinRAR Newsletter!
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    This newsletter contains the following topics:

    1. Pocket RAR 3.20 released!

    1. Final version of Pocket RAR 3.20 released!

    We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of PocketRAR 3.20.
    Now you can finally put the Power of WinRAR in your Pocket!

    Just imagine being able to save precious space on your Pocket PC without
    having to pay for it.
    RARLAB and win.rar GmbH make that possible with the release of Pocket RAR
    for Pocket PCs as freeware! This means that anyone may use Pocket RAR
    for absolutely FREE!

    Pocket RAR is a version of WinRAR designed to compress files on your
    Pocket PC, saving you the space that bulky files occupy. Now you can
    even use the leading compression technology on your mobile device.

    Pocket RAR at a glance:

    * Pocket RAR is a version of the RAR archiver for the Pocket PC 2002
    * The Pocket RAR archiver is distributed as freeware. Anyone may use
    this software freely.
    * Pocket RAR is making smaller archives than the competition, saving
    disk space and transmission time.
    * Pocket RAR offers a graphic interactive interface utilizing pen
    and menus. You can easily browse for archives and files using the
    file- and archive management mode.
    * Pocket RAR can compress, decompress and delete files in RAR & ZIP
    * Pocket RAR provides advanced support for RAR archives with solid
    archiving, multivolume archive support,six different compression
    levels, Unicode in file names and password protection using 128 bit
    AES encryption.
    * Pocket RAR has a small executable size to reduce the amount of
    precious Pocket PC memory occupied by the archiver.
    * All advanced functions can be performed on a desktop computer using
    WinRAR. Help files and install documentation are also stored on the
    desktop computer.
    * Pocket RAR allows for easy transfer of files between desktop computer
    and Pocket PC.
    * Pocket RAR features are constantly being developed to keep Pocket RAR
    ahead of the pack.

    Memory Requirements:
    * Decompressing most RAR archives only requires 32 MB of free memory.
    * Using advanced compression parameters makes it possible to create a
    RAR archive which will require up to 132 MB to decompress. However,
    such archives hardly ever exist in reality.
    * 4 MB of free memory is needed to create RAR archives in the "Fastest",
    "Fast" and "Normal" compression modes.
    * 6 MB of free memory is needed to create RAR archives in the "Good"
    and "Best" compression modes.
    * Updating of existing archives requires more memory than creating new
    ones. Exact values depend upon the archive type and size.
    * Creating and unpacking of ZIP archives takes less than 1 MB.

    For more information about Pocket RAR and WinRAR and to download your
    free copy of Pocket RAR today, please visit our website at http://www.win-rar.com.

    Do you need technical assistance?

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    At the moment our database contains 196 articles in 42 categories.

    The knowledge base is constantly improving as we are adding more
    interesting information and features.
    Please send any requests for improvements to support@win-rar.com.


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