• BBS Promotion

    From Ed Koon@1:2320/100 to All on Tue Feb 7 19:10:00 2017
    Hey Y'all..

    Just a one time post to hopefully bring more bbs callers to our hobby.

    Doc's Place BBS has been online since 1991 and was one of the first internet bbses when dial up bbses were going offline.


    A post similar to this one back in 2000 revived a dead board, and I'm hoping
    to attract new callers.

    We offer the complete Fidonet backbone. Access Doc's Place BBS by the web at bbs.docsplace.org or via Telnet on port 26.

    We also offer QWK via web browser. Just set your web qwk areas and download
    the generated packet. Uploading your rep packet works the same way.

    Check us out when ya get a chance.. :)

    Don't Shoot.. I'm only the messenger!!
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