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    From Kevin Koch@1:123/525.1 to Jeff Thiele on Fri Nov 25 05:26:18 2022
    Clinton conceded and Democrats were not in denial about the results of the election. Those are two very big differences. Clinton was not holding rall

    Bill Clinton was awesome from the television perspective.
    Bush Jr was the guy i wanted to have a beer with. Actually it would be fun to have 20 beers.
    Obama was entertaing.

    During those times the writers at the Onion had a much easier job.
    Trump. The Onion still pulled trough.
    And biden and Kamalaah are amazing.....
    i hope Biden does run again in 2024 cuz i"m not a AGEIGST>

    And I'm with Biden too. I'd loe to see ddtrump and ron run together. 9in fact
    I have a campaign sign i woudl love to sell them . DONNIE AND RONNID

    Sicne I'm not coherent, I shoudl avoid this . I"m only interested in clokin them dollarz . & I shoudl read or view tome "real " news yet I'm not on theOnion's pay roll. i can't even name my state governor yet i memorize my state treasurer's name with no problem.

    *flashes his hypcorite party membership card*
    I need a pro bono lawyer who will sue whoever gets the credit for being called a hypocrite without having a card which *shows* it.

    hit a bong . and not each other.

    ... I may work slow, but I do poor work

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