• New 'Perl for FTN' files announcment template

    From Rj Clay@1:2320/100 to All on Sat Sep 22 08:45:02 2012
    Hello everybody.

    22 Sep 12 09:02, I wrote to all:


    The following files have been hatched out over the Perl File Distribution Network and are available here and to any system that is connected to the Filegate.distribution network.

    Area @G - @J ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    --- @l @k Kb. @t
    Magic request: @u ----------------------------------------------------------------------

    Well, it looks like I need to fix that new template I was trying out; I'll switch the annoucments back to the original template for now.


    --- GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5--b20111217
    # Origin: RJC eeePC (1:120/419)
    # Origin: LiveWire BBS -=*=- telnet://livewirebbs.com (1:2320/100)
    * Origin: LiveWire BBS - Synchronet - LiveWireBBS.com (1:2320/100)