• Perl Installations?

    From Jame Clay@1:2320/100 to Benny Pedersen on Sun Oct 9 14:24:02 2011
    Hi Benny!

    Benny Pedersen wrote in MBSE:
    but installing and using the debian package that's available instead of
    trying to do an in place compile of it again.

    i think thats the real bug you have hidding there, never ever install from source unless the whole os is done this way
    good example is if perl is in gentoo, then dont install modules from cpan direct, perl can be install 100% from cpan if it did not exists in gentoo portage :=)

    Perhaps that's an issue with Gentoo?<g> I've not had any problems using Perl
    modules from both the Debian repositories and from CPAN; they don't get installed to the same paths, after all... Mind you, _not_ the same modules from both, at least not for system wide usage; but then that's my responsibility as admin of the system to keep track of that.

    'Course, it's becoming less and less of an issue as any modules that I want to be able to use but are not already in the Debian/Ubuntu repositories (depending on which system I'm working on), I just create a local debian package for it. Though for a Windows system, I don't have that kind of option;
    I just use CPAN for those...


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