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    From Jame Clay@1:2320/100 to Maurice Kinal on Wed Jul 6 18:53:02 2011
    Hi Maurice!

    Jame Clay wrote in the LINUX echo:
    Maurice Kinal wrote in the LINUX echo:
    In FTN-Packet-0.09, I don't see where the FTN compliant month is taken
    care of and from what I see in Packet.pm the call to localtime() will
    yeild an integer month that conforms to every standard EXCEPT FTN which subtracts one from the value for month.

    Perhaps I'm missreading it, but it seems to me that the month value in an ftsc compatible date is zero based...

    In a bash script I've done this
    to take care of this extremely sad situation;
    PKT_HDR_MONTH=$((`date +"%m"`-1))
    For July that will yeild 6 which for everyone else will be June.

    Hmm... Although the date command as used there returns the month as a 1 based integer, the localtime function itself returns it as a zero based integer.

    Apparently the FTSC is wiser than the usual suspects who write
    standards. :::snicker:::

    <shrug> Even if it is an actual issue, a zero based index is just as valid
    as a 1 based index...

    Other that that I see no issues with this particular module ....

    If you or anyone else do find such issues, please comment on it, preferably
    in the PERL echo...


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