• Riddle mis .is ...

    From Karel Kral@2:423/39 to Nick Andre on Fri Feb 4 20:10:21 2022
    Hello Nick!

    03 Feb 22 19:17, you wrote to T.J. Mcmillen:

    When he called me late at night one time for help fixing a system that
    was down, I asked him if he "Googled it"... with a shit-eating grin.

    It reminded me one company where we made an agreement with my collegue, that we should not document what "is easy to google it". When he left, I recognized, that it was not so smart... ;-)

    Recently have different challenge. I am part of L1 team. Get a ticket. Google what is probably needed and pass it with detail request to L2. And then just pray, that they google and implement the same thing...)


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