• turbo pascal 7.1 but borland 7.0

    From Tony Master@1:218/530 to All on Sat Nov 19 13:01:38 2016
    does any one know what was added to turbo 7.1 they could not add to borland
    7.0 to update it as well? the 7.1 is using tpx.exe any reason ?

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  • From mark lewis@1:3634/12.73 to Tony Master on Wed Nov 30 07:47:08 2016

    19 Nov 16 13:01, you wrote to All:

    does any one know what was added to turbo 7.1 they could not add to borland 7.0 to update it as well?

    version updates like that are generally not adding anything but fixing things... i'm not aware of a 7.1 but there is a 7.01 that fixes the following problems...

    1. Some range and overflow checks with byte and shortint which were implemented
    incorrectly in both the RTL and TurboVision.

    2. A bug involving the shift (SHL and SHR) instructions for longint operands with shift values between 16 and 31 gave wrong results when run on a 386/486 (and maybe a Pentium) processor.

    3. GetDir did not return an invalid drive error (error 15) when called with a nonexistent drive.

    4. For programs compiled with $N+, there was a problem with properly identifying/differentiating true INFs and NaNs.

    5. The EXP function when used for very small REAL arguments could signal overflow rather than underflow to zero.

    6. There was some sort of problem converting denormals to true zeros when using
    an 8087 coprocessor.

    7. Denormals in EXTENDED format were not properly converted to decimals by the Str and Write routines.

    8. Initialization routines did not check properly so as to prevent programs compiled for the 286 with $G+ directive from running on an 8086/88.

    7.01 was a silent maintenance release...

    the 7.1 is using tpx.exe any reason ?

    tpx.exe is simply an enhanced DOS IDE that uses DPMI for access to more memory for a larger workspace to edit files, compile and link... aside from that, it is the same as turbo.exe...


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