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    From Michael Loo@1:2320/100 to Ruth Haffly on Wed Aug 20 17:45:02 2014
    It's his choice, and saying anything isn't going to do any
    good (advice learned from trying to do the same with my
    brother). Then, when the doctor says, okay, you have three
    months to live, why didn't you cut down the carbs, he'll
    say, why didn't anyone tell me before.
    He's not paid attention to me before, why should he start now?

    I'm guessing that he'll only start listening to your perceived
    former silence - and complain about it.

    I've seen some of the menus for the Wake County program. Not the
    greatest, not a lot of stuff that I'd be overly thrilled with eating.
    My father used to get them and then not eat them - then
    he'd insist on making me eat them when I came over to visit
    so as not to be wasteful. Hot pepper and garlic sauces
    hardly rendered them palatable.
    My dad has refused them; I think he thinks of them as a charitable
    hand out. He's not happy with his care giver's cooking but can't cook

    I was told by someone (who? my memory fails) involved in
    this kind of operation that some of the organizations get
    around that prejudice by charging a nominal sum to those
    who can afford to pay.

    for himself so he either eats what is fixed (reluctantly) or sends him
    for take out at one of the local places.

    The latter is expensive and could be a less healthy option.
    I know that getting nourishment at all into the guy is the
    main goal at this stage, but my father was well into his
    80s before I started harping on this; he lasted to 89 3/4
    or so.

    I'll avoid MoW as long as I can but as I said, my brother never got
    into cooking so MoW might tide him over for a bit.
    I want to avoid MoW as long as I can, perhaps more carefully
    than I'll avoid death as long as I can.
    You, at least, know how to cook. My brother never picked up on how to
    do so, to the best of my knowledge.

    Did we not discuss the possibility of teaching an old
    dog at least a few new tricks?

    Title: Italian Asparagus
    1/2 lb Asparagus spears;
    -cooked or canned
    I tried the jarred asparagus one--it was a good learning experience. I learned I don't like it. (G)

    It tends to taste like overcooked regular asparagus.
    Stringy and mushy at the same time; relatively few
    canned foods can hold a candle to fresh versions
    (I am told, though, that the Spanish have made a
    science of canning seafood products).

    This one doesn't rely on canned product (I think
    the herb scheme is a bit much, though).

    MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.06

    Title: Asparagus with Toasted Pine Nuts & Lemon Vinai
    Categories: Diabetic, Vegetables, Low-fat/cal, Nuts/grains
    Yield: 4 Servings

    1 lb Asparagus, fresh spears
    3 tb Pine nuts
    1/4 c Olive oil
    1 tb Lemon juice, fresh
    1 Clove garlic, crushed
    1/2 ts Salt
    1/2 ts Basil, dried whole
    1/2 ts Oregano, dried whole
    Pepper, freshly ground

    Snap off tough ends of asparagus. Remove scales from stalks with
    knife or vegetable peeler, if desired. Place spears in a steaming
    rack over boiling water; cover and steam 4-5 min or until spears
    are crisp-tender. Transfer to a serving platter. Sautee pine nuts in
    a small skillet over medium heat 2-3 min, until browned. Set
    aside. Combine olive oil and remaining ingredients in a medium
    saucepan; stir with a wire whisk to blend. Cook over medium heat 2-3
    min or until thoroughly heated, stirring constantly. Pour over
    asparagus. Sprinkle with pine nuts. Let stand to room temperature
    before serving. Source unknown


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