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    From Michael Loo@1:2320/100 to Dave Drum on Wed Aug 20 17:05:02 2014
    TBH - both the mechanic shop and the radio show are sidelines to these guys.

    To be equally honest and perhaps more exact, the garage
    was their actual main source of income when I met them
    - well, one of them, at least, I am not sure which, nor
    did I care, as I thought he treated my then girlfriend
    with some high-handedness and major sarcasm, or at least
    she thought so.

    Dr. Tom Magliozzi (Boston U) is/was also a college
    professor. Ray is a graduate
    of the Humanities program at MIT - and is/was a science teacher before getting into the car fixing business. They are retired, currently, from Car Talk. "The brothers have been taping Car Talk at WBUR in Boston for
    35 years, and the show
    has been a staple on NPR Member stations for the last 25 years. With
    older brother Tom turning 75 this year, the guys decided it was time to "stop and smell the cappuccino.""

    And as I understand precious little about automotive
    things and have even less interest, I was left out in
    the cold when my friends would stop whatever they were
    doing every Saturday I think it was morning to tune in
    on the show.

    I was the varsity ice hockey goalie (and sometime defence man) on my
    high school team. Lost NO teeth to that experience.
    Says something for your quick reflexes - or for the
    lack of competency of your opponents.
    Says more for my powers of observation. I got the varsity position
    after the previous guy ate a puck and lost nearly all his teeth, not to mention getting his jaw broken in three places by a slap shot that came perfectly through the rectangular "spit hole" in the baseball catcher's mask that we wore for protection in those days.

    You were perhaps smarter than my other goalie friend.

    Before I skated my
    first varsity game I went to the metal shop and had the instructor weld
    a bar mid-way in the "spit hole" - rendering the mask useless for a tobacco chewer but securing my teeth and jaw.

    So why weren't other masks made that way?

    am jonesing for some Popeyes spicy chicken - and that's not something
    one can gum with any measure of success or enjoyment.
    I'd be tempted to make full use of the food chopper.
    Doesn't help me with the crispy, crunchy skin - which is half (or
    more) of the pleasure of Popeyes. I can manage chicken fairly well.
    Just can't gnaw it from the bone nor crunch the crunchy bits.

    Ah, so. It must be impossible to enjoy textury foods at the
    moment. It'll make the day when you can enjoy them again all
    the sweeter.

    Burnt Raybird
    cat: booze
    servings: 1

    1/4 oz amaretto
    1/4 oz dark creme de cacao
    1/4 oz Kahlua
    5 oz hot coffee
    whip cream

    Serve in mug


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