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    Truth. I think that the enzyme works with foods of moderate
    So is that "only works" or "works best"...? Sounds like with good
    rich ice cream you are doubly out of luck... ;( Is that why a small amount of ice cream, eg, requires a handful of pills...? (I AM
    thankful that lactose isn't one of my issues...!)

    Works best, though I'm pretty sure that hot milk or chowder
    or things like that would pretty completely defeat the

    Today I had vanilla ice cream, two small scoops, and used
    only two pills - the method involved holding the ice cream
    in my mouth until it was close to melted before swallowing;
    also breaking the pills up into bits, one bit per bite.

    Time is the only thing that reduces/ends the results for me...
    Time heals all wounds. It's said that it also wounds all heels,
    but in my experience that's not always true.
    No... that last is mostly wishful thinking, I'd guess... Some heels
    are just too callous...

    That's because nobody ever toed them right from wrong.

    Worth the pills...? ;) They do look like they might be nice.. :)

    Yes - rather between caramels and a candy I was once fond
    of called White Rabbit, a Chinese milk fudge that came
    wrapped in rice paper.

    My Chee Cheong Fun Sweet Sauce
    categories: dim sum, Hong Kong, sauce
    Yield: 1/2 c, easily multiplied

    3 Tb soy sauce (traditionally brewed/fermented)
    2 Tb molasses
    1 ts toasted sesame oil
    1 ts shallot oil
    a bit of water to loosen the sauce (about 3-4 Tb)

    Whisk together. Serve with rice noodles

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