• OS2PROG Echo Rules

    From Mod Rules Poster@1:2320/100 to All on Tue Nov 1 00:00:08 2016

    Conference rules for the OS2PROG echo: rev. 08 Jan 07
    Posting Frequency: 1st of the month.
    The Official Rules of The FidoNet OS2PROG Echo

    The objectives of the OS2PROG echo are:

    1. To provide a forum in which messages pertaining to programming
    for and under OS/2 can be exchanged. It is for the technical
    support of OS/2 programming, not OS/2 programs. Queries about
    applications and utility programs should be placed in the
    general OS2 echo.

    2. To provide technical support for newcomers to programming for OS/2.

    The rules under which messages are to be exchanged in this echo are:

    0. The preferred language is English, but this is not compulsory. Since
    most of the participants will be fluent in English, any problem
    reports will receive the widest scrutiny if they are written in

    1. Real names only. No pseudonyms, "handles", "monickers" or aliases.

    2. Relevance to topic. Posts should pertain to programming and
    specifically in the OS/2 environment.

    3. Advertising. A maximum of 1 advertisement per month by the
    author/publisher of software relevant to the topic of the echo will
    be permitted. Other products must NOT be advertised.

    4. No flaming or abusive language will be tolerated. Also, excessive
    profanity is not permitted. Please remember the sensibilities of
    others before you upload that QWK packet.

    5. Let the moderator do the moderating. Do not reply to "test" messages
    from BBSes that have just joined the echo. Do not reply to off-topic
    messages or flames. These will all be dealt with by the moderator.

    6. You may post uuencoded, xxencoded or base-64 encoded message only
    with the prior approval of the moderator. When asking for approval
    please state the approximate size of the message, its content and
    usefulness to the other participants of the echo.

    7. The OS/2 platform is deemed to be:
    Native OS/2, both text and PM;
    Virtual DOS Machine (VDM & WIN-OS/2) session.

    The only reason to discuss DOS/Windows programs in this echo will
    be if those DOS/Winodws programs use features specific to OS/2's
    VDM or WIN-OS/2 support. General DOS/Windows programming is

    8. High ASCII is permitted, except 'FF'X, but low ASCII (below '20'X)
    is not permitted beyond the standard CR/LF/etc., characters.

    9. Programming languages. All programming languages are considered
    valid. People using REXX might consider using the OS2REXX echo
    instead, as this contains people with a definite REXX focus who
    don't poll OS2PROG. However, all compiler, interpreter and assembler
    languages that are being used to program OS/2 are suitable for the
    posting of sample code in this echo.

    These rules will be revised, amended or appended to as needs arise.

    Thanks in advance for your compliance.

    David Noon - dwnoon-=at=-ntlworld.com
    Moderator, FidoNet OS2PROG echo

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