• OS2HARDWARE-L Echo Rules

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    |Conference rules for the OS2HARDWARE-L echo: rev. 29 May 14 |Posting Frequency: 1st of the month.

    Messages posted on the Fidonet side of this area must be approved by
    the moderator and manually moved thru the gate to the internet side.
    Once your message has gone thru the gate, it will return in the echo
    once it makes it into the list. Yes, this means that Fidonet posters
    will see their messages twice and this is also a means of checking that
    your posts have made it to the list. The moderator on the Fidonet side
    has a life outside Fidonet and may not be available to approve and gate
    your postings immediately on their arrival at the gating system. Please
    be patient as it is a manual process.

    These rules and other Fidonet oriented postings will only appear on the
    Fidonet side of this area.

    The objectives of the OS2HARDWARE-L echo are:

    1. To provide a forum in which messages pertaining to locating, using,
    and configuring hardware components with OS/2 can be exchanged.

    The rules under which messages are to be exchanged in this echo are:

    0. The preferred language is English, but this is not compulsory. Since
    most of the participants will be fluent in English, any problem
    reports will receive the widest scrutiny if they are written in

    1. Fidonet participants are required to use their Real Names only. No
    pseudonyms, "handles", "monickers" or aliases.

    2. Relevance to topic. Posts should pertain to locating, setting up
    and configuring hardware components specifically in the OS/2

    3. Advertising. None from the Fidonet side.

    4. No flaming or abusive language will be tolerated. Also, excessive
    profanity is not permitted. Please remember the sensibilities of
    others before you upload that QWK packet.

    5. Let the moderator do the moderating. Do not reply to "test" messages
    from BBSes that have just joined the echo. Do not reply to off-topic
    messages or flames. These will all be dealt with by the moderator.

    Mark Lewis, 1:3634/12

    Conference Moderator

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