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    I am a big fan of Bluewave for my personal use and have been using it
    for a quarter century. BUT, I will agree with you that AFAIK,
    Multimail is a decent version of offline reader in today's world -- especially for those who do not have a vested interest in something
    else as I do.

    If I could, I'd love to get my hands on the Blue Wave source code and update it for today's systems. That's why I like MultiMail is that it does work on everything you can think of these days. Of course, to
    each their own, but I try to support all the BBS software I can. :)

    Unfortunately, the author of Bluewave had a bad auto accident that took
    him out of commission. Someone else from Ireland (Northern?) took over
    the liscensing operation but I am not aware that the sorce code was ever
    made available to anyone. Now it is abandonware.

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