• Fidonews.org, fidonet.org, and all that jazz...

    From Janis Kracht@1:2320/100 to All on Mon Dec 21 13:40:02 2015
    I was looking to find the lastest Fidonews as posted in the Fidonews echo yesterday, Vol 32 No 51.

    My uplink for the file has not sent it in and normally by Sunday afternoon/early evening it is in my /pub/fidonews directory. At this time, today, Monday, 1:30PM EST is still isn't here.

    When I went to fidonews.org, I was redirected to the page Nick Andre updated, rather than to the page that Bjorn used to update (!).

    Swell, EXCEPT that page, fidonews.org, has an OLD link to the Zone 1 Fidonews issues at _FIDONEWS.CA_, and that is IT.

    No one told me that the link to fidonews.org redirects people to Fidonews.ca

    No one is updating Fidonews.org with current issues of Fidonews. You can't even find them in the link that Nick has set at fidonews.ca.

    No one is updating Fidonews.ca.. I don't make the file, I sure as hell am not going to update Z2's page for it.

    1 - How can Bjorn just not get the file out?

    2 - Who is going to update fidonews.org?

    3 - Is it time for a new editor who can take care of these pages?

    I wouldn't mind updating fidonews.ca to current issues if a Zone 1 person was creating Fidonews. That's why Bob Seaborn pays for that site and I update it for him (or did before we stopped kicking out Z1's Fidonews).

    What gives here???

    Take care,

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  • From Ward Dossche@1:2320/100 to Janis Kracht on Tue Dec 22 01:33:02 2015

    1 - How can Bjorn just not get the file out?

    If you have something to discuss about fidonews, take it to the appropriate echo.

    Ward Dossche

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