• falcon + winter soldier

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to All on Sun May 2 21:37:00 2021
    Hello All,

    I felt trepidatious venturing into the first few episodes Falcon
    And The Winter Soldier series. But I surrendered to the flow and
    finished the first season and enjoyed the journey.

    The effects were well crafted. The story-line was compelling.
    The humour was peppered sparingly.

    I've seen some of the Avenger series full-feature films in the
    past, (the first 2 Ironman movies, for sure) but after a while
    another one of them disuaded me to continue - I forget which
    one. I think it was Thor: Dark World - the one with Loki. I
    just couldn't finish watching that one.

    However, F+WS has made me curious to how the original Captain
    America "dies" and ceased to exist, and why the world entered
    into such a dark time. Apparently, the Avengers:Endgame film is
    supposed to cover that aspect.

    Sofar, I like what I've seen. The beer-bellied Thor is
    hilarious. I am not sure of the origins of Rocket the racoon,
    but maybe I'll work my way backward in the timeline to find out.

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