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    Hello Dr. What!

    ** On Saturday 10.04.21 - 10:28, Dr. What wrote to Darkman Almighty:

    ..Those days where collections are worth $$ have passed,
    it's usually on rare or older issued where the production
    run was not as high. One example of that is comic books
    and sports cards.

    I'm remembering the movie "Charade" with Cary Grant and
    Audrey Hepburn.

    I just finished watching it in 3 late-night sessions over the
    course of a week.

    Gur uvqqra "zbarl" vf npghnyyl ener cbfgntr fgnzcf gung
    jrer cynprq ba na rairybcr ohg arire frag. Rirelbar gb
    frnepurf sbe gur zbarl whfg vtaberf gur rairybcr jvgu gur
    ener fgnzcf.

    It was a cute film. Grant at 59 at the time was obviously having
    fun in that role. Hepburn only 34 was still quite a beauty.

    The plot has several weaknesses. [1] There is no explanation how
    the original $250K in gold "converts" itself into the [cbfgntr
    fgnzcf]. I'd be more interested in WHO still has the gold. How
    can anyone truly anticipate that something like [cbfgntr fgnzcf]
    would even retain value much less increase to $250K over time.
    [2] The fake CIA director: security must be really slack at the
    American Embassy if an imposter can just walk in and occupy an
    office! [3] The kid. His voice didn't seem to fit. It sounded
    like it was just dubbed in by an adult trying to sound like a
    kid [4] The rooftop action fight scene. At one point Grant is
    just hanging by his fingers over the edge. Then a split second
    later you see the hooked-hand antagonist flipping backwards
    hitting a wall. There is no explanation how Grant got his
    footing back on the roof.

    In all, the film looked like a charming exercise to pair Grant
    and Hepburn into a pseudo thriller trying to be a romantic-
    comedy at the same time [1] the shower scene, and [2] the funny
    face he makes as the true Embassy official.

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