• Nemesis (1992)

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    Different genre, same vibe in a lot of ways - Nemesis,
    starring Olivier Gruner. He plays a cop in 21st century Los
    Angeles who becomes more cybernetic as time went by.
    Directed by Albert Pyun, full of 90s cyberpunk cliches and
    exploding everything. But entertaining, nonetheless.

    I queued this one up. There is a LOT, and I mean a LOT, of
    shooting going on. And definitely not for the kiddies due to the
    bare asses and some titties galore. I guess the market was for
    by then more mature Terminator fans? The dudes with the slick
    hair and constantly dark glasses gave it a Matrix appearance -
    but then I guess all bad dudes have to wear dark glasses.

    The storyline is intended to be dark and savage, but then there
    is this little 1 minute scene that stood out as a bit of fun.


    Olivier Gruner was another one of those martial artists
    that they tried to position as the Next Action Star. He did
    some low-budget work, but never really made it big.

    Gruner's delivery reminded me of the Kung Fury's lead actor
    spoofing such a character emoting a calm, soft-spoken,

    The film dates the story to take place in 2027.

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