• Soldier (1998)

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    But make no mistake, this film is a B-movie at heart and
    you may expect lots of senseless action and killing,
    because i the end of the day that is what fans are in


    What I am saying is this movie has B - Movie production
    values, nothing more, nothing less.

    Kurt is the best thing in the whole film. Some of the
    secondaries are actually quite good too.

    I just finished watching it. I don't think it fit a typical "B
    movie" classification at all.

    It was not unlike many other revenge films like Die Hard, or
    Terminator. Both of those had injections of humour and over-
    acting that seemed to take the edge off some intensity.

    I thought Soldier had excellent production values! The stage
    design had good details. The main character, Todd, was raised
    like a machine, and Russell depicted that rather convincingly.
    The scene where he's outcast, alone and gets emotional was
    overdone - but the fault goes to the editors, because they show
    Todd welling up to cry and then there is the trace of tears. But
    then they cut to another sequence of the same thing in slow
    motion - I thought that was overdone, unnecessary and sappy.

    There was some rather fine casting. You don't put Gary Busey
    and Michael Chiklis in a movie and consider it a "B". Busey was
    cast as a tough but cheeky leader. Chiklis characer was
    basically a clown.

    I think that a B movie is a film that is intended to be serious,
    but fails in many ways - especially in the quality of the
    acting. Soldier was a something else. The beginning of the
    film covers the first 38 years of Todd's life rather well in
    just the first 15 minutes or so. What is going in Todd's head
    when he has to deal with the noises of the party was well
    represented with the flashbacks. I'm glad that they give the
    character too many lines to try and explain things like that -
    the visuals were quite enough and effective.

    Another thing.. you don't put in a song by Loreena McKennit in
    part of the soundtrack and consider it a B movie! I knew the
    voice sounded very familiar when they played the song "Night
    Ride Across The Caucasus". McKennit basically established her
    own company for her own music and owned it all the way. She's
    Canadian, btw.

    You mentioned "lots of senseless killing".. I disagree. The
    killings depicted in the film seemed quite suitable for the
    story line. The story was about how Tod outsmarts the younger
    recruits of his ilk. He had to eliminate them all.

    I enjoyed the film. I remained gripped to the story to see how
    it played out.

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