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    Clue #3
    URL: https://susepaste.org/69430186

    "Laura"? Later a movie.
    Author? I don't recall.

    I'm going to check out the film for comparison. Apparently
    Vincent Price plays a role in it.

    I just finished watching the film last night. It is NOT very
    good imho.

    All the actors seem to be playing thespian (like they are in a
    stage play) ...their expressions and delivery seem to be overly
    dramatic most of the time.

    The lead actor (who plays the investigator) and the Laura
    actress scaled things back and were OK.

    Vincent Price was terrible and unconvincing. His role was the
    gigolo (fee male, <g>) ..but he seemed like an overgrown

    Which reminds me of the time I played the boyfriend of the man-
    hungry Blanche in an episode of the Golden Girls when I was
    visiting Disney World in the MGM theme park in Orlando some
    years ago. First, they asked for volunteers, and then they had
    scouts come into the audience to pull people from the crowd. I
    slinked low and inconspicuous as I could, but they picked me. I
    was actually nervous, but it was fun how they pulled it off. I
    wish I had a copy of the tv-episode that they replicated. I
    looked pretty good on TV!
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