• Went to my first MLB game in over a decade last weekend

    From Craig Dooley@1:123/126 to All on Wed Aug 11 22:06:52 2021
    Took the kids to Atlanta to watch an Atlanta Braves Baseball game last weekend. First game I've been to in over a decade. I can now say I've seen the Atlanta Braves play in all 3 stadiums.
    As a kid, my grandparents lived in Atlanta, and I spent many a summer there. my grandfather always took me to games at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. Last time I went was in 2005 when my aunt and uncle celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. My cousins and I, along with our wives and kids, went to catch a game at Turner field. Now I've seen one at Truist Field.

    It was a great experience. We had seats in the right field corner right along the foul line and next to the pole. Didn't have many foul balls come our way, but it was a great vantage point!

    The neat thing was that I had posted on social media about going, and a friend of mine up in Massachusetts messaged me asking for details. Her neice works as an intern for the Braves. About the 5th inning, this young lady comes up to our seats and isks if we're the Dooleys. She brought a nice bag of goodies for us! Hats, jewelry, bobbleheads...stuff like that.

    I've missed MLB games. Need to start going more. It was a great time and brought back a lot of memories. I had a picture of my grandfather with me so he cold be there in spirit.

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