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    Mike wrote --

    I knew he was older but I didn't know there was that much of an age differece.

    He was 12-13 years older than her. He was born in 1948 and she in 1961.
    Of course he came from "a good family", had a little money and a
    promising job future, so that probably helped in accepting the marriage.
    But she was used to being on her own and Charles' family was a bit too stuffy for her. She was used to coming and going on her own but couldn't do that afterward. Plus I don't think they had all that much in common, which
    is very important in any marriag
    Of course the royal families were not known for having a lot more in
    common than a bloodline. While the women generally stayed home the men were known to roam.
    The Hapsburg's were well known for "keeping it in the family" marrying
    close relatives and all which lead to all sorts of problems.
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