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    From JOE MACKEY@1:135/392 to DARYL STOUT on Thu Jun 9 06:44:42 2022
    Daryl wrote --

    I wish I knew someone locally who'd like to purchase a whole slew of
    vinyl LP records

    Most towns have re-sell stores that buy and sell old LP's.
    Of course they will give you pennies on the dollar but sell for dollars
    on the pennies.

    and a bunch of books

    At one time libraries accepted them but no longer.
    Check with local used book stores.

    Nowadays, I'm afraid to post something in the paper or online...I've
    seen too many reports of thugs who show up and kill the seller, then
    they ransack the place.

    I rather doubt anyone would do that to you for some old warped LP or dog-eared books. :)
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