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    Daryl wrote --

    Don't get me started on that woman.

    I guess I didn't hear the whole story on her.

    It's a long story.
    In gist the royal family was concerned about a heir for Charles and
    wanted him to marry since he was getting on in years, but, they wanted to pick the bride who had to fit certain standards suitable for a royal bride.
    Not just an any old someone. With other royal families to pick one
    getting smaller all the time, they settled on Diana.
    Charles wasn't all that keen on her. His eyes were on Camilla, but the Queen objected to her for several reasons.
    It was sort a good old-fashioned business marriage. Not so much for
    love as to keeping The Firm (as the Queen calls the family) running into the following years.
    And Diana wasn't that hot for "an old man". She was talked into it by
    her family.
    Neither were happy with this arrangement but to keep peace in their
    families agreed to marry.
    One thing Diana did like was the money involved. I think that's what convinced her to marry Charles.
    What I didn't like was after they got "an heir and a spare" they both
    wanted out. Plus Charles was still hot for Camilla and she for him. They had known each for some years.
    So they divorced and Diana went in for the money, that's what turned me against her. To me she was a gold digger.
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    And Diana wasn't that hot for "an old man". She was talked into it by
    her family.

    I knew he was older but I didn't know there was that much of an age


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