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    From George Pope@1:153/757 to Joe Mackey on Tue Mar 29 11:45:26 2022
    I take voting seriously as well.

    It's a privilege, described as a "right."; I'm of the philosophy "use it or lose it" for anything of value.

    I was able to vote for the first time at 21 (later it was lowered to 18)

    I missed the first few due to various circumstances but I've caught up since by working extra hard to even listen to their between-elections work in Council, Parliament, School Board boardroom, etc.

    and in 51 years I have missed only one election. That was a special school board election the Tuesday after the Saturday I moved back here.

    I haven't been too involved with our schol board, only on occasions, when I meet enough oft hem to begin to gert an idea, t hen I'll do the rest of the research to make an informed vote.

    In our SB electionsm, we can select up to 9 trustees from the list, or fewer, or none. I've gone in just to make sure the one guy who I felt was doing a good job & was important to the continuing good job the entire board does.

    Make no matter the election, primary/general/special, etc. I'm there.
    Unless I know the person (good or ill) I take time to read their position
    on issues, etc.
    I always joke if someone I didn't vote for got into into office I could complain about them.

    When I didnt vote as there was noone worthy, people would say, "You can't comlain if you didn't vote"; I reply, "YOU cdan't complain -- you were part of the system that put them there; Oi abnstained this round; I can complain because I still have to poay taxes to pay the bleepity-bleep!"

    That'sstill my position, but I won't count someone anstention unless they wen through the effort to truly understand all tbhe cdandidates and made their best moral decision to not add a vote for any (I'm going to try to modify our system to where your one 3 votes can be split into either a -1, a +1, or a 0. So everyone can show up and vote their conscience.

    When nul value wins, then we investigate & redo our system, as the people have voted to says it's all full of what makes the roses grow.

    What irks me are people who complain about someone being elected and they never took the time to vote. I'm sorry, you had your chance, I don't wanna hear about and I move on.

    I allow it if that's their moral stance after taking the time to understand the issues & know the candidates. Takes two minutes of conversation for me to know if they have or not (so far, it's unanimously not.)

    The only excuse I take is something dire happened on the way to the poll (broke a leg, got kidnapped, etc). And there is absentee if you know in advance you can't make it. Plus there is early voting now. No excuses.

    We can, in provincial elections (cf your state ones) vote at any polling station in the provinceon General Election Day, or on Early Voting dates.

    You can register anywhere, or online/byu telephone, to be surte you're good to go.

    I can consider excusing not voting, but I can't excuse pure apathy.

    Yes, historically, you get to choose between three liars, a thief, & a cheat, but that's not necessarily this election; you need to make the effort, I say.

    Preferring to stay home & watch TV is the copout of someone who cares nothing for his fellow countrymen. They are the ones who will usher in a new time of autocracy. (They're who I blame for the current dangerous mofo in Ottawa, who believes he has a mandate to sell us out to the CCP) (That's what a vast majority of apathy votes for -- anyone to go ahead & do anything that lines his pockets the best.)

    I'm suspecting you-all had that same apathetic push for the last Insanity-in- Chief, & he waselected by a majority (all GOP votes plus all apathetc votes)

    ok, too current. . .moving on -- that was really more an illustration than a discussion of current politics. . . ;) No need to expand on it by reply. :)

    A good day to you, sir, & your whole family, too!

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