• Murder? Sucide? (was: Marines)

    From George Pope@1:153/757 to Joe Mackey on Sat Mar 26 23:54:16 2022
    CP wrote --
    One buddy was a known murder, yetthe police obeyed orders & declared it a
    suicide (even though his skeleton was found remotely, & no weapon was at the scene.)
    In the '60s there was a motorcycle gang in the area, sort of a Hell's
    Angels wannabes. Forget their name at the moment.

    That's who weas in my homeyowen, owning it, basically: Satan's Angels; I've heard word they might be suzerain to the Hell's Angels. All drugs designated for places west of Ontario went through Mission. I believe the HAMC has everything east (the two biggest populated provinces, except Quebec booted them in the 1970s)

    They were into all sorts of illegal things and generally causing trouble
    and mayhem.
    One day a guy was fishing in a nearby river and his line got snagged on something.
    Eventually the body was hauled ashore and turned out to be one of the ringleaders. They had been fighting with another gang shortly before.
    He had been shot several times, stabbed several times, severely beaten,
    hands tied behind his back and weighted down with chains and weights.
    The sheriff declared it "the worst case of suicide I ever saw" and closed
    the case on him.

    Seems about right. Like the bews item of a guy found by a Texas Rangwer; the guy had been shot 9 times in the face! With a bolt action shotgun (I'm sure you can do the math here)

    Closed as a "suicide"; I guess technically, teling the wrong Texas Rangfer to FO, is suicide.

    We are to believe he ratcheted a shell in, sopun the rifle around, used his toes t pull thetrigger destroying his face, then re0ratcheted, to put a new shell into position, turned it around, & used his toe to pull the trigger, shredding a layer of cranium, & did this 7 more times!

    I guess most would be like you & me: "yup, wellp. . . don't go through life being a rectal orifice & you won't get stupid excuses published acquitting someone of murdering you without arrest nor trial)

    I expect police to do their job as trained, & not to go offo on their own as judge, jury, &/or executioner, bnt they are human, dealng with the worst f their fellow humans, & sometimes it'l get away from them.

    If they're not hunting situations or being overtly racist, I tend to not judge too deeply (well, that, & they could likely find out where I live & I'd best hope I never have to call them, when in physical danger.) if they're doing their job overall, & saving strategic violence for those whom they personally observe being deserving of such.

    Thecops here in my big suburban city are to focus on peacemaking with the community. It's working -- we don't have too much in the line of ongoing problems, nor police conduct complaints.

    If it ain't broke. . .

    The cops I've approached & chatted with were all decent folk, just ready to do their job, as & when needed. I've told them straight up that its not improper if the criminal they witness being severely antisocial, hits the pavement a bit harder than "absolutely" needed, during a takedown. They laugh & say I don't need to worry about that, wink-wink. *G*

    Works for me.

    I've known this bad element in my younger years & 99% of them just never received corporal discipline growing up -- no time like the present to correct such a glaring past omission, IMO.

    One year, I was voluteering for the Salvation Army as a bnellringer, outside my locasl grocery. I was outside the onest of dors, ringing the bells &greeting people, when I heard a kerfuffle, looked behind mew, to see 4 guys wrestling out thedoor -- I assumed just youth goofing around with eacxh other, then daw a coupletake off full speed across the parking lot, until the rear two tacjked the -- HARD! Glasses & phone skittering away on the pavement, for the one who was nearest my visible quadrant. They then perp walked these two back into the store.

    Staff told me later that the owner had hired security who had takedown privilege. I was elated! I thanked & praised the top manager.

    Those two will think many times before shoplifting another time!

    Otherwise the shoplifters get picled up by a cvop, took on in, processed & released within the hour -- what deterrent there? it's just an anecdote to tell their mates the next day. . .

    I believe in the owner &/or designated staff giving solid corporal discipline (hurt them, yes, but don't maim them) to these thieves, even kids. Even if it should be my own son!

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