• Git Gurus? Importing Code into a Git/Github branch

    From Rick Christian@1:2320/100 to All on Mon Apr 10 10:05:15 2017

    Hello everybody!

    Basically I took over from abandonment a project which had code at one time on Github.... OK.. so I forked it... I've got my own repo of it... I cloned to the

    box that will do the updates... The glitch is....

    Later versions including the last one were not published on the source Github..

    the GitHub one is several years out of date.

    I have the raw files in a similar structure as they are on Github in another directory.... What I am looking to find is a way to take that updated version and turn it into the new branch I created to merge back into the master branch on MY Github...

    This just raw files, NOT svn, or mercurial etc...

    Or do I have to

    git git checkout -b newfangeldbranch

    And then open each file in an editor and cut n paste the new ones in??? Really???

    Git ain't my thing.. I am old school I have my own very outdated and manual way

    of doing this for stuff I do... others will be involved... so I need to use something they can handle.

    I am sure there is some automated way I can do this...

    cp -r ~/lastsource ~/myproject ???????

    Does git track the changes if they are cp'd in???



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