• FidoNews 34:10 [04/07]: Jamnntpd Servers List

    From Benny Pedersen@2:230/0 to Bj≈rn Felten on Tue Oct 10 05:34:48 2017
    Hello Bjrn!

    06 Mar 2017 16:19, Bjrn Felten wrote to Paul Quinn:

    I'm pretty sure that 1:123/789 has gone away, also. FYI.

    Well, you're probably right. I was hoping Ross would say so, but I
    guess I'll have to delete his entry without his OK.

    lets delete it all

    and move all region 20 nodes into the region 20 controller file, there is no point on network controller anymore

    its a sad day wheer i am not drunk

    but netmail should work, oh dear

    Regards Benny

    ... there can only be one way of life, and it works :)

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